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Emak brushcutters, all the qualities of the new models

by Giacomo Di Paola
January - February 2020 | Back

Efco DS 3000 S and Oleo-Mac BC 300 S are two models with single handle intended for intensive private use, but with the technical characteristics of professional machines. The two brushcutters marketed by Emak of Bagnolo in Piano (Reggio Emilia) are designed to offer users high performance and comfort, with good operating costs and high simplicity of use. Powered by a rugged 30 cc 2-stroke engine that delivers 1.5 horsepower and guarantees reliability and efficiency, Efco DS 3000 S and Oleo-Mac BC 300 S come with an anti-vibration technology developed to minimize operator fatigue. Ergonomics are also the strong point of the handgrip with rubber coating and the arrangement of the controls, all accessible with one hand including the on/off switch. The head, however, is of the load & go type, with a diameter of 130 millimetres, able to withstand impacts, wear and vibrations; the wire reloading (2.4 mm) is fast and easy. The head can also be equipped with a three-tooth disc with a diameter of 255 millimetres. Among the technical characteristics of the two brushcutters distributed by the company from Reggiolo in Piano, it is worth mentioning the tank with half a litre capacity, the single “belt” system, and the tube with a diameter of 26 millimetres. Efco DS 3000 S and Oleo-Mac BC 300 S weigh 6 kilogrammes.


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