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Year 2024 Number 5-6

May - June

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Tractor sales in Europe fall in 2023

The "old continent" ended 2023 with a total of 158,000 tractors sold, marking -5% on the previous year. France, Germany and England are holding up, while Italy, Poland and Spain are registering double-digit liabilities. No significant turnarounds expected for 2024
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Italy market in decline

The first four months of the year marked a substantial market contraction for all types of agricultural machinery. Tractors and combine harvesters drop by 21% and 52%, tractors with loading platform by 12%; negative sign also for trailers (-4%) and telehandlers (-33%)
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Confindustria, the presidency of Emanuele Orsini

The CEO of Sistem Costruzione elected by an overwhelming majority. Orsini’s programmatic platform: to revive national industry, focus on energy independence and investment
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Think Tank FederUnacoma, focus on training

The Federation's annual Think Tank was held in Serralunga d'Alba, in the heart of the Langhe area. The focus was on market data, scenario analyses and a on training needs. Presented the AFI Academy, a new FederUnacoma project to strengthen professional skills
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The main training requirements of Italian agricultural mechanics

The thematic tables of the FederUnacoma Think Tank provided useful insights into the demand for training expressed by the agro-mechanical industry. The need for new skills is not always met by our training system, thus penalising the competitiveness of our companies

Capraia Smart Island 2024

Capraia Smart Island is a laboratory of "green" ideas accredited far beyond the borders of the island. On the terraces of Capraia and similar areas mechanisation can provide technological solutions with which to facilitate cultivation operations. EIMA International will give voice to the agromechanical needs of these fascinating territories

Agriumbria, a winning formula

“Business and folk festival” is the definition coined by the organisers of Agriumbria to tell the exhibition that opened the spring agricultural fair season with 450 stands, 2,800 brands represented and 600 garments in the sections dedicated to breeding

Landini, 140 years in the name of innovation

Founded in 1884 in Fabbrico (Reggio Emilia) by Giovanni Landini, the Emilian based company is today one of the main market players. The consolidated leadership position thanks to specialisation, breadth of range and investments in R&D

Agricultural machinery, not everything is steel

Stainless steel, ceramic, tungsten carbide, fiberglass, plastics and even concrete. These are just some of the alternative materials to steel now commonly adopted for the manufacture of parts, equipment, elements, components and accessories of agricultural machinery

Innovative technologies for reducing the use of pesticides

Crop protection treatments performed with sprayers can be less accurate as a result of the drift effect. To address this issue, the manufacturers have developed several technology solutions to optimize treatments

Avocado, papaya, and mango: the new fruits of Southern Italy

Southern Italy is meeting the growing domestic market demand by gradually investing in exotic fruit production, which is being facilitated by softening temperatures. The main mechanized solutions for fruit harvesting

Brackish soils cultivation

Careful varietal selection, proper irrigation and a number of specific techniques make it possible to profitably cultivate even soils with high salt content and brackish water. Soil salinity can compromise the functionality of agricultural machinery

New Emak shredder for heavy duty processing

Emak offers the market a new family of shredders with cutting widths of one metre, available in both wheeled and tracked versions. The machine was designed by Emilian technicians - the operating base is in Bagnolo in Piano (province of...

Alliance tyres for extreme loads

Alliance 373 VibroFarm is the new offering from Japanese manufacturer Yokohama Off Highway Tires (YOHT). It is a tyre designed specifically for the Iberian market, to meet the needs of those who use tractors for work requiring equipment to be...

Powertrailer SR 331: stability and riding comfort

BKT recently launched the new All-Steel POWERTRAILER SR 331 radial tyre. Specifically designed by the Indian company's engineers for trailers and tankers, the model is particularly suitable for road transport, but the tyre's design features can also be applied in...

Caffini, high tech solutions for phytosanitary treatments of vineyards

The Caffini range of technologies for phytosanitary treatments sees the debut of two new pieces of equipment. The first, Rafal-Arti, is a machine specialized in low-volume interventions for vineyards and is suitable for multi-row operations. Equipped with a centrifugal turbine,...

800 EVO subsoilers, reliable and durable

News from Dondi. The Umbrian manufacturer – headquartered in Bastia Umbria, near Assisi – presents a new line of subsoilers that promises to expand a range that is already particularly wide and differentiated. This is the 800 EVO series, a...

FAE introduces the new PML/EX mulchers

New at FAE, the Fondo (TN) based company specialising in the production of headers for forestry, agricultural, road and demining applications. This is a new range of mobile hammer mulchers for excavators from 2 to 7.5 t - PML/EX -...

Next gen technologies for S7 combine harvesters by John Deere

At the Commodity Classic fair, held in Houston (Texas – USA) from February 28 to March 2, John Deere presented the new S7 combine harvester. Advanced harvest automation, high-tech cab, innovative design and sophisticated integrated features for precision farming are...

Kubota EK1 Series, versatility and power

Kubota completes the EK compact tractor range with the EK1-221, which is characterised by comfort, ergonomics and ease of use. The machine is equipped with a water-cooled, three-cylinder Mitsubishi Stage V engine with a power output of 22 hp/15.8 kW,...

Design award for Massey Ferguson's flagship MF 9S

The Massey Ferguson tractors, from the MF 9S series, have won the Red Dot Award Product Design 2024.        The prize is awarded every year in Germany by an international jury to products in various categories, from furniture and home...

Resistance and customisation for the Rinieri ER harrow

Forlì based company Rinieri adds a new piece to its range of soil tillage machines. This is the ER fixed rotary harrow for vineyards and orchards, a mounted model that shreds and levels the soil for seedbed preparation, which stands...

The new Seppi M. mulcher focuses on versatility

This equipment can work in the most diverse contexts, from cleaning up construction sites, to managing vegetation along highways and waterways, to clearing agricultural land. These are just a few of the fields of application of the versatile E20 direct,...

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