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Design award for Massey Ferguson's flagship MF 9S

by Patrizia Menicucci
May - June 2024 | Back

The Massey Ferguson tractors, from the MF 9S series, have won the Red Dot Award Product Design 2024.       
The prize is awarded every year in Germany by an international jury to products in various categories, from furniture and home accessories to cars, which have distinguished themselves for the excellence of their design. The award has existed since 1955 and is considered one of the most important in the sector worldwide.

The award-winning series re-proposes the Protect-U design of the MF 8S range - already winner of the 2021 Red Dot Design Award - updated with innovative technologies developed by the American company to meet specific user needs.

The MF 9S series has six models, from 285 to 425 Hp, all equipped with a Protect-U engine and a cab marked by optimal visibility and comfort; an empty space of 18 cm isolates the encapsulated engine from the cab. The vehicles are also equipped as standard with the Dyna-VT variable transmission for additional powers, and with the MF Guide and MF Connect connectivity systems.

Possible options include AutoTurn, AutoHeadland, TIM — Tractor Implement Management, a central tyre-inflation system (CTIS) and the possibility of customisation by the MF By You centre, with a wide choice of factory-mounted equipment.  

For Thierry Lhotte, Massey Ferguson Vice President and Chief Executive Officer, Europe and the Middle East, the award received is an honour that “confirms our commitment to developing pioneering projects to help our customers improve their productivity.”

Massey Ferguson is an AGCO brand, a global group specialised in the design, production and distribution of agricultural machinery and precision agricultural technology, which also includes the brands Fendt, GSI, Precision Planting and Valtra. The company is headquartered in Georgia in the USA and recorded net sales of 14.4 billion dollars in 2023.


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