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Massey Ferguson returns to the combine segment

by Giovanni M. Losavio
May - June 2022 | Back

2022 marks not only Massy Ferguson's 175th anniversary, but also the US manufacturer's return to the straw shaker combine segment.              
The relaunch of the American brand in this segment is entrusted first and foremost to the reliable, high-performance Activa series, intended for working on small and medium-sized plots, and the Activa S line, which combines comfort and productivity.

A wide view of the work area, high performance and intuitive controls characterise the Beta range, equipped with Paralevel technology with single or double traction. This system, which allows the machine to be levelled by up to 20%, is precisely what is used by the MF BETA AL4 self-levelling model, suitable for working on sloping terrain (the machine adjusts up to 38% crosswise and up to 35% uphill and 8% downhill).

The MF BETA AL4 combine is one of the flagships of the North American manufacturer's new range. It is powered by an electronic 306 Hp Agco Power Common Rail engine, already used on MF 8S tractors; Stage 5 compliance is ensured by the latest generation SCR system with consistent and reliable harvesting performance in all conditions thanks to a long, flat torque curve specifically designed for constant power delivery under load.

The transmission is fully hydrostatic: four-wheel drive that allows even the roughest conditions to be tackled at all times.

With cutting widths from 5.4 to 7.0 metres, the FreeFlow deck consists of a welded frame with bolted panels, while the PowerFlow deck offers high capacity in all working conditions.

The MCS multi-harvester separator, with a diameter of 600 millimetres, features a large separation area that removes the largest amount of grain before the straw walkers are driven.

Differentiated spacing - the rear section has half as many sections as the front - distinguishes the concave which, therefore, is able to combine threshing capacity and grain flow. MF BETA AL4 is equipped with 5 long 'active-wall' straw walkers: the vertical sections of the steps are made with permeable grids and measure 210 cm, among the widest on the market.

High yields also characterise the tank (the capacity is 8,600 litres), which features a product discharge speed of no less than 105 litres per second (it takes just over a minute to completely empty the machine).

In short, the declared aim of Massey Ferguson's MF BETA AL4 model is to meet the needs of all those farms, including Italian ones, that find themselves operating in often difficult conditions on uneven terrain.


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