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The restyling of Activa combines

by Fabrizio Sereni
July - August - September 2022 | Back

Massey Ferguson has renewed its Activa straw-walker combines, a line of machines designed to work with a wide range of crops, including rice, maize, soybean and grains. Three models make up the range: the flagship 260-horsepower Activa 7344, the 226-horsepower Activa 7343 and the 185-horsepower Activa 7342, all available with the option of a Multi Crop separator and a sectional concave thresher.

The system uses the tried-and-tested 600 mm diameter drum (width reaches 1,340 mm) with eight rasp bars, while the electric concave adjustment - front and rear - optimises grain quality. To make the grain separation process even more effective, the new Activa combines can be equipped with the Multi Crop Separator (with grid that can be excluded when not needed) which increases yield (up to 20% more, according to the manufacturer) and improves harvesting flexibility.

On the Activa models, Massey Ferguson has also redesigned the grain pan (now modular), which features removable, heavy-duty plastic sections specifically designed to increase the machine's versatility and facilitate cleaning when the operator is working in difficult conditions or on crops such as soybean and maize.

The MF Activa 7343 and MF Activa 7344 models can also be fitted with the Powerflow header which uses a continuous feed belt to collect the crop and provide a even feed, optimising output. The MF Activa 7342 is equipped with the Freeflow header (4.8 m to 6 m) which is also available on the two larger combines (in this case the width goes up to 7.6 m).

Massey Ferguson's new models are powered by AGCO Power Stage V engines; a 7.4-litre six-cylinder for the Activa 7343 and Activa 7344, a 4.9-litre four-cylinder for the MF Activa 7342.

Both engines feature four valves/cylinder and hydraulic lash adjustment (reduces maintenance). Pollutant emissions are reduced by Massey Ferguson's selective catalytic reduction system, which includes a diesel oxidation catalyser (DOC) and a soot catalyser designed to last the life of the vehicle.

The restyling of Massey Ferguson combines has also involved the hydrostatic transmission, which now uses a latest-generation electronically controlled pump.

The system - explains the manufacturer in a technical note - ensures precise control and easy operation of the vehicle both in the field and on the road, with automatic engine speed management. Finally, one of the other new features of the Activa is the updated cab.

The driver's seat features air suspension and a completely renewed armrest. The joystick - says the Massey Ferguson note - is equipped with a multifunction lever that makes the electronic control of the hydrostatic transmission even smoother. Through the joystick (all couplings are electro-hydraulically operated) the operator can also control the crop unloading auger.






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