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The new Seppi M. mulcher focuses on versatility

by Emanuele Bredice
May - June 2024 | Back

This equipment can work in the most diverse contexts, from cleaning up construction sites, to managing vegetation along highways and waterways, to clearing agricultural land. These are just a few of the fields of application of the versatile E20 direct, the new forestry header produced by Seppi M. The machine, specifically designed to be combined with excavators between 12 and 21 tonnes, was presented at the INTERMAT (Construction Technology Exhibition) trade fair in Paris last April. The E20 direct is the first model of an innovative family of mulchers for excavators, which in the intentions of the Trento-based company - the headquarters are in Mezzolombardo - will renew the forestry sector with innovative solutions that will increase productivity and reduce both operating costs and the impact on the environment. The equipment is available in four working widths, from 100 to 200 centimetres, and has been manufactured by Seppi M. engineers from AR400 steel, to improve its anti-wear capabilities. The heart of the machine is the fixed tool rotor, equipped with the CUT CONTROL system, driven by the DIRECT LINE hydraulic transmission. Thanks to this technology, the mulcher can cut vegetation up to 20 centimetres in diameter. Another strong point of the E20 Direct is the integration of the hydraulic motor into the rotor. The construction solution - explains the Trento-based company in a technical note - has made it possible to eliminate the belt drive and reduce friction losses by around 50%, while increasing available power and limiting energy consumption.


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