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EIMA Agrimach, an important event for Asian markets

The fifth edition of the international fair of agricultural machinery, which took of audience. More than 42.000 people from the various Indian states, but also from of audience. More than 42.000 people from the various Indian states, but also from many foreign countries, visited the fair to experience firsthand the characteristics of innovative machinery specifically designed for local crops

Fieragricola 2016, a positive balance

The 112th edition of the Verona event was attended by 130,000 visitors with an increasing share of foreign operators. One thousand companies and an area of approximately 50,000 square meters are the numbers that reinforce the role of the Verona event in the national and international trade fair scene. Among the initiatives for the monitoring of foreign markets there was also a "Focus" dedicated to Africa
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Italian agro-food under the hallmark of cooperation

The issue of food and sustainable development was the centerpiece of a conference held in the setting of the Rimini Meeting. The compelling challenges as well as winning experiences in the sector of agriculture, the food industry and the mechanization of agriculture were illustrated during the meeting which brought together participants including the Minister for Agricultural and Forestry Policy Maurizio Martina and the president of the Italian Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers, FederUnacoma
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Martina's challenge: a new model for agriculture

The minister for agricultural, food and forestry policy outlined key points in his program for the recovery of the primary sector. Efficiency in the use of financing, specific measures for new enterprises and a policy for mechanization are the points which qualify a plan intended for restoring competitiveness to agriculture, a winning image
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FederUnacoma: mechanization policy and mindset

Federation President Massimo Goldoni talks about the recent European elections and the "promise of reform" in his country. Closer contacts with the political arena at the national and European Union level and the launch of specific and well organized plans. Great attention for the Milan EXPO and focus on the contents: more technology and innovation and less "agricultural romanticism".
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Agricultural Machinery: gap growing between Italy and rest of Europe

Registration figures for the first quarter of the year signal declines for all types of machinery in Italy while the other major European countries were pursuing positive trends. The data confirm a worsening of the differences reported for 2013 and earlier years which have weakened the nation's agricultural system. The Italian mechanization industry is holding out thanks to exports while the head of the manufacturers' federation, Massimo Goldoni, engages in positive dealings with Minister for Agricultural Policy Maurizio Martina on a support strategy for the domestic market

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