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EIMA Agrimach, an important event for Asian markets

The fifth edition of the international fair of agricultural machinery, which took of audience. More than 42.000 people from the various Indian states, but also from of audience. More than 42.000 people from the various Indian states, but also from many foreign countries, visited the fair to experience firsthand the characteristics of innovative machinery specifically designed for local crops

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The fifth edition of EIMA Agrimach, the international fair of agricultural machinery and equipment held in New Delhi, December 7 to 9, ended with an increase of visitors, which confirms the constant progress and the great potential of the event.

According to the organizers of the fair, the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) and the Italian Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers Federation (FederUnacoma), during the three days more than 42.000 visitors attended the fair (+4%  compared to the 2015 edition), of which  6.000 were from 40 foreign countries.

The participation of foreign operators confirms the fact that the Indian fair is a point of reference not only for the vast regions of the Subcontinent, but also for other  countries in particular the Asian ones that are similar to the Indian continent in terms of soil and climate, types of crops and typology of farms.

In the course of the meetings and conventions held during the fair it was pointed out that India and China are already today the largest global markets for agricultural machinery from a quantitative point of view, and that many more Asian countries are emerging thanks to consistent investments in the primary sector, and are expected to expand significantly in the sector of agricultural machinery in the future.

Italy – official partner country of the event – will be able to play a prominent role thanks to its industries, the wide range of machinery produced, and the ability to interpret the needs of Asian agriculture.

This was stressed on repeated occasions by the President of FederUnacoma Alessandro Malavolti, the CEO of FederUnacoma Massimo Goldoni and by the Italian Minister of Agriculture Maurizio Martina, who took part in the fair developing on the part of the Italian government, memorandum of understandingwith the Indian Government for the strengthening of bilateral relations in strategic sectors such as agriculture and agro-industry.

The sixth edition of the event will be held in December 2019, and will be preceded by mechanization field tests to be held in the course of 2018 in in various regions of southern India.




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