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Agriculture, Europe's initiatives against the crisis

Derogations on set aside land and simplification of the CAP, the first measures implemented by the European Union to deal with the difficulties of the primary sector. It is necessary to accompany farmers towards new production systems

Exports, the fast track for European companies

The most recent free trade agreements signed by the EU with non-European countries provide a simplification of customs procedures for European companies. This is achieved thanks to the figures of the authorized exporter and the exporter registered to the REX system

RuralBioUp, a European project to promote bioeconomy

The project was launched in October 2022 to support the growth of bioeconomy and related supply chains, involving twelve partners in nine different countries. Italy, where three of the nine regional hubs under the project will be activated, has been assigned a leading role
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The Commun Agricultural Policy's New Mission

The new document that will guide the sector for the period 2023-2027 has been definitively approved. Measures for income support and interventions for environmental and social sustainability are the key features of the strategic document and enhance the European agricultural model
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European policies, a 'turning point' autumn

The new CAP will be put to the vote in November, with environmental and social sustainability as qualifying points. In the "Farm to Fork" perspective, Italy and Europe can become leaders of a highly qualitative agri-food system
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Stage V, medium powers excluded from the derogation

For low and high powers, the assembling and marketing of machinery with transition motors is postponed to 2021. The trade associations’ request for a postponement also for the medium powers, was only partially accepted
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Mechanization in Europe: public calls for tender market

The demand of agricultural machinery arriving in single areas of the European Union can be facilitated through public calls for tender in which manufacturers intending to provide the specific technology supplies requested. The Italian Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers Federation, FederUnacoma, has signed an agreement with Se.Ri.Gest for the purpose of monitoring calls for tender and aimed at participation of companies bidding

Precision farming: EU guidelines

With the ministerial decree issued last December, the European guidelines on precision farming become operational. What follows is a survey on the range of technologies that contribute to this type of farming which can also be acquired by using RDP funding
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Machinery prices rising: impact of EU norms

Regulations and such Directives as the Mother Regulation or those on engine emissions and noise levels undergo constant updates of machinery produced by the manufacturing industries. This regime leads to increasing costs passed on to the sticker prices of machinery to drive agricultural enterprises to buy second-hand machinery which does not renew their inventories
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European research: FederUnacoma partner of the Databio project

The project, promoted by a partnership that officially includes FederUnacoma, focuses on the collection of data from organic sources. A second project, called IoF 2020, also funded under the Horizon 2020 tenders, works on the "Farm of the Future", trying to transfer "Internet of things" technology to farmsby
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Safety in agriculture, an issue for Europe

Members of the European Parliament Paolo De Castro and Elisabetta Gardini raised questions in Brussels to speed up the creation of a single database for the entire European Union area for analytical reporting of the data on accidents involving the use of agricultural machinery. The INAIL, National Institute for Insurance against Accidents at Work, Observatory found that these events increased in Italy by 14% in 2015 over 2014 to 486 fatal accidents and serious injuries

European Union regulation on narrow track tractors: efficient and sustainable

The European Parliament has approved emission standards for engines used in new non-road mobile machinery, NRMM. The norm sets severe parameters for safeguarding the environment but acknowledges the specifics of vineyard and fruit orchard tractors to allow them to move from the current Stage IIIB to Stage V in 2021 to give manufacturers more time to design solutions for the installation of after-treatment systems compatible with the size of the engine without altering operational requirements of these tractors
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Narrow-track tractors: European Commission opening to manufacturers' appeal

A seminar updating the procedure on the off-road mobile machinery emission regulation was held at Agrilevante in Bari to check on the final phase of negotiations conducted in the competent European Union institutions. The appeal of the Italian manufacturers for an ad hoc norm, put forward by MEP Elisabetta Gardini, has been accept

Norms for tractors, an illogical turn of the screw

The Italian association of agricultural machinery manufacturers presents in Milan its information and promotion initiatives. The presence inside three exhibitions on agri-food chains and a demonstration event in the field serve as a reminder that agricultural engineering is fundamental for every production chain

Narrow-track tractors, a political issue

If the timetable for applying the measures is confirmed, the manufacturing industries would not be able to update their production of tractors in the required. On this issue, talks were held at EIMA International with EMPs Marco Zullo and David Borelli
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FederUnacoma: forms a team in Europe

The members of the board of directors of the Italian federation of agricultural machinery manufacturers met in Brussels with Italian members of the Parliament. The national market crisis, lack of a coherent agricultural mechanization policy, the risk of the relocation of the national industry and the unsustainable costs in enacting some EU directives were under focus at the meeting. The attention of the MEPs is already trained on the first dossier produced by the Commission

The "mother" of all type-approvals

The European Union last year published Regulation 167/2013, known as the "Mother Regulation", the framework for type-approval certification for agricultural machinery to be enacted in 2016 for tractors and trailers. We are taking a look at its contents, the main new features introduced and answering some simple questions

Renewable: Italy sets good examples

For years European Union policy has been orienting Member States towards the progressive decarbonization of the economy and finally now the results are becoming evident in many production sectors. Italy, not without difficulty and contradictions, has achieved a patrimony of experience which can launch new forms for the market nationally as well as abroad
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Agricultural Machinery: gap growing between Italy and rest of Europe

Registration figures for the first quarter of the year signal declines for all types of machinery in Italy while the other major European countries were pursuing positive trends. The data confirm a worsening of the differences reported for 2013 and earlier years which have weakened the nation's agricultural system. The Italian mechanization industry is holding out thanks to exports while the head of the manufacturers' federation, Massimo Goldoni, engages in positive dealings with Minister for Agricultural Policy Maurizio Martina on a support strategy for the domestic market
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The new CAP: approved in Europe and now moving on to member States

The reform of the European Union Common Agriculture Policy brought in a reduction of overall resources of 13% under the previous PAC. The cuts are adjusted for each single country and are expected to lead to a further 6% reduction in the budget assigned to Italy. Some additional resources under the Rural Development heading with an overall sum of resources for the seven years 2014-2020 coming to 10.4 billion euro. Bureaucratic complications among the critical points of the reform
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The Sector of Mechanization, a european challenge

The President of Italian machinery manufacturers, Massimo Goldoni, illustrates purposes and results of the meetings held in Brussels at the end of September. Technical regulations, fight to forgery and policies for research and innovation were in the programme of FederUnacoma within the European community

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