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Year 2020 Number 1-2

January - February


Safety and technology, 40 million for innovative machines

For investments in innovative technologies and safety, 2020 is off to a good start for farms. The Budget Law approved last December (Italian Law no. 160/2019) promoted various interventions in support of the primary sector, such as grants for the...

Year 2018 Number 2-3

February - March

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Agricultural machinery: variability in a growing market

The agricultural machinery market closed 2017 ahead in Italy and on the increase in all the major world market. Substantial growth in Italy and the leading European countries were assigned mainly to the need to reduce the stock of tractors and transporters in inventories ahead of the enactment of new norms for type-approval. Rural Development Program funds and financing released by INAIL for machinery with high safety standards were also in growth

Year 2017 Number 11


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Investment, the incentives role

The best use of European RDP funds, the nonrepayable INAIL ISI grants, Ismea direct subsidies and, finally, the "Nuova Sabatini" law are positively affecting the relaunch of agricultural machinery sales in Italy

Year 2017 Number 5-6

May - June

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Revision and training, a strategy for safety

The correct use of agricultural machinery and equipment at the centre of a conference at the Foggia Fair. Safety policy involves manufacturers in designing intrinsically safe machines, and involves users and dealer networks with specific awareness-raising and training initiatives

Year 2016 Number 12



INAIL open to applications for innovative machinery

Considerable attention at the great Bologna exposition was focused on the opening of applications for financing the purchase of innovative agricultural machinery from the funds of € 45 million managed by INAIL. The step came in a conference held by INAIL, the Italian National Institute for Insurance against Accidents at Work, which also reported on accidents in agriculture over the past 60 years to underscore work on prevention

The success of the desk area

The 2016 edition of the exposition of agricultural and gardening machinery brought in the brand new EIMA Desk, a pavilion with a window dedicated to dissemination of information. A large number of visitors enlivened the INAIL Live Shop area. Another positive feature was the training events handled by Mech@griJobs

Year 2016 Number 10-11

October - November


Seminars, workshops and information points: the new EIMA Desk

This year, within the international exhibition of agricultural mechanization, will be placed an area dedicated to "training and safety", providing support and consulting services for operators, as well as demonstration activities and events on topical issues such as the Inail notices, vehicle inspections, driving licenses, work opportunities for young people and research and bioenergy supply chains

Year 2016 Number 7-9

July - August - September

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Agricultural machinery: INAIL financing arriving

INAIL, the National Institute for Accidents at Work Insurance has completed a procedure for allocating contributions for the purchase of safe and eco-compatible machinery and equipment. November 10th has been set for opening applications which will cover 40% of the cost of machinery. FederUnacoma has announced that in the setting of EIMA International, the institute will provide an information window to facilitate requests filed by farming enterprises
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Safety in agriculture, an issue for Europe

Members of the European Parliament Paolo De Castro and Elisabetta Gardini raised questions in Brussels to speed up the creation of a single database for the entire European Union area for analytical reporting of the data on accidents involving the use of agricultural machinery. The INAIL, National Institute for Insurance against Accidents at Work, Observatory found that these events increased in Italy by 14% in 2015 over 2014 to 486 fatal accidents and serious injuries
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