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Agricultural machinery: INAIL financing arriving

INAIL, the National Institute for Accidents at Work Insurance has completed a procedure for allocating contributions for the purchase of safe and eco-compatible machinery and equipment. November 10th has been set for opening applications which will cover 40% of the cost of machinery. FederUnacoma has announced that in the setting of EIMA International, the institute will provide an information window to facilitate requests filed by farming enterprises

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Incentives for the purchase of agricultural machinery and equipment allocated by the Ministry for Agricultural and Forestry Policy to be managed by INAIL, the National Institute for Accidents at Work Insurance, for setting the criteria and assigning the funds have finally become operative. On the institute’s website, INAIL published on July 28th the opening of applications for ISI Agriculture 2016 to make available a sinking fund totaling € 45 million, € 40 million for agricultural enterprises and € 5 million for young farmers, for the purchase of new generation agricultural machinery and equipment.

The financing is targeted on micro and small enterprises operating in the sector of agricultural production for improving health and safety conditions in crop operations. The funds will cover 40% of the value of the purchase and 50% of the young farmers purchases up to a maximum of € 60,000.

The financing will go to toward purchase or lease-purchase agreements of a maximum of two machines according to the following options: a) a farm or forestry tractor plus agricultural or forestry machinery with or without engine; b) agricultural or forestry machinery with engine plus agricultural or forestry machinery without engine; c) two agricultural or forestry machines without engines.

An INAIL communique said to qualify for request, the applicant must produce a legal evaluation of the usefulness of the machine intended for purchase as regards efficiency, eco-compatibility and safety.

Two steps will be involved in assigning the funds: pre-registration beginning next November 10th and closing January 20th, 2017, and the successive request, click day, beginning in March.

Massimo Goldoni, the president of the Italian Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers Federation, FederUnacoma, commented, “The fact that the enactment of the measure has been pushed back to November is a cause of work for agricultural machinery manufacturers because the effect will be to freeze the market for further months causing serious anxiety in need of speedy interventions. However,” he continued, “it’s important for the measure to be finally on track and as the federation, we will do everything to favor the massive and fruitful use of the funds allocated.”

FederUnacoma and the organizers of the 42nd edition of EIMA International noted that the opening for applications coincides with the start of the exposition and said INAIL will take advantage of the fact by opening a Technical Window for farmers and professionals in the sector interested in getting practical and timely information on the procedure for filing requests for access to the financing.

Complete information on the procedure for assigning the funds and forms are available on the INAIL website.

Italian market: August data

Public financing for the purchase of safe agricultural machinery to be managed by INAIL, National Institute for Accidents at Work Insurance, is arriving in the midst of an especially crucial time for the Italian market and can help reactivate a positive shift by motivating farming enterprises to progressively renew an old and obsolete machinery inventory. Ministry of Transport data elaborated by FederUnacoma, the Italian Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers Federation, point to a decline in tractor registrations by 2.9%, down to 12,186 units sold in the first eight months of the year, January-August, compared to the same period in 2015. Also combine harvesters were on the downside in this period, off by 5.8% to 260 units sold against a 16.8% surge for transporters, up to 536 units, and trailers, ahead 3.6% on 6,400 units moved. The manufacturers federation noted that the signals of recovery for these items, however, do not allow talk of a reversal of the trend in that the market volumes lost in recent years still weight heavily against the balance sheet for the entire sector. The new incentives, if combined with more precise used of European Union Regional Development Programs funding, could support the sector by driving technological innovation policy needed for the competitiveness of the primary sector.  

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