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Mother Regulation: technical answers

The FederUnacoma Technical Service evaluates the critical aspects of the application of the Mother Regulation for trailed equipment and provides a list of FAQs

Mother Regulation, a directive that needs to be interpreted

interpreted One year from the launch of the new directive for the type-approval of agricultural machinery, an initial assessment can be made. The Mother Regulation required an intense effort of fine-tuning and clarification in the national and European institutions and to which FederUnacoma, the Association of Italian Manufacturers, has significantly contributed. Difficulties of application derived also from a number of substantial inaccuracies and false information that have raised critical issues even for companies in the phase of product adaptation
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Agricultural machinery: variability in a growing market

The agricultural machinery market closed 2017 ahead in Italy and on the increase in all the major world market. Substantial growth in Italy and the leading European countries were assigned mainly to the need to reduce the stock of tractors and transporters in inventories ahead of the enactment of new norms for type-approval. Rural Development Program funds and financing released by INAIL for machinery with high safety standards were also in growth
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Mother Regulation, an important set of rules

The new EU regulation, which applies in particular to certain types of machinery, entails a considerable adjustment effort for various industries, which affects production costs. However, the Mother Regulation introduces some technical requirements that make the machinery more performing and flexible in their use. FederUnacoma underlines the importance of raising awareness also with users, to promote the value of the introduced innovations
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Machinery prices rising: impact of EU norms

Regulations and such Directives as the Mother Regulation or those on engine emissions and noise levels undergo constant updates of machinery produced by the manufacturing industries. This regime leads to increasing costs passed on to the sticker prices of machinery to drive agricultural enterprises to buy second-hand machinery which does not renew their inventories

ADR range, in accordance with the Mother Regulation

In a few months, from 1 January 2018, the so-called Mother Regulation will come into effect. It is the European regulation governing all the technical aspects of agricultural mechanization. Therefore, important news is expected by the agricultural machinery sector and...

Mother Regulation, toward new european type approval

The European Union regulation 167/2013 for agricultural vehicles became operative January 1, 2016 for type-approval of agricultural vehicles, tractors, trailers and trailed implements with the aim of simplifying and clarifying all principal administrative and technical procedures. With the end of the current year the regulation becomes mandatory for manufacturers marketing and registering their machinery while the EU continues work on modifying and amending delegated contents on specific points

Mother Regulation at the starting line

Framework Regulation 167/2013, also known as the Mother Regulation, for agricultural vehicles has been published in the European Union Official Journal covering new type-approval for tractors, trailers and interchangeable towed equipment to apply as of 1st January 2016. What will change for the sector of agricultural machinery?

The "mother" of all type-approvals

The European Union last year published Regulation 167/2013, known as the "Mother Regulation", the framework for type-approval certification for agricultural machinery to be enacted in 2016 for tractors and trailers. We are taking a look at its contents, the main new features introduced and answering some simple questions
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European Standards in the programme of FederUnacoma

During the Federation directorate, held in Brussels on 24 of September, the issues concerning technical regulations with immediate effect on mechanization sectors were illustrated. The programme of the Federation and Cema, (European Association representing the Agricultural Machinery Industry), had a wide range of topics such as the "Mother Regulation", Isobus as well as tractors exhaust and noise emissions

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