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Year 2018 Number 7-9

July - August - September

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Emissions regulation, cannot be applied to overhang and half-track tractor engines

At a meeting held in 21st of June at Enovitis in Campo the technical difficulty of installing bulky exhaust devices for treating emissions on specialist vineyard and fruit orchard tractors became clear. Changing the built of these machines to make them capable of mounting them means compromising their functions and it would be unthinkable to modify planting distances by expanding the row widths. A request for an amendment of the regulation for the specific sector is being prepared

Year 2018 Number 4-5

April - May


Urban greenery residues, a source of energy

Subproducts left by the maintenance of parks and gardens in Italian cities can annually lead to a huge amount of biomass, sufficient to meet the energy requirements of thousand families. A succession of incompatible regulations which, over time, have led to differing definitions of residues and thus differing procedures for handling them and thus have blocked the efficient use of them as raw combustion materials

Precision farming: EU guidelines

With the ministerial decree issued last December, the European guidelines on precision farming become operational. What follows is a survey on the range of technologies that contribute to this type of farming which can also be acquired by using RDP funding

Year 2018 Number 2-3

February - March

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Mother Regulation, an important set of rules

The new EU regulation, which applies in particular to certain types of machinery, entails a considerable adjustment effort for various industries, which affects production costs. However, the Mother Regulation introduces some technical requirements that make the machinery more performing and flexible in their use. FederUnacoma underlines the importance of raising awareness also with users, to promote the value of the introduced innovations

Year 2018 Number 1


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Machinery prices rising: impact of EU norms

Regulations and such Directives as the Mother Regulation or those on engine emissions and noise levels undergo constant updates of machinery produced by the manufacturing industries. This regime leads to increasing costs passed on to the sticker prices of machinery to drive agricultural enterprises to buy second-hand machinery which does not renew their inventories

Year 2017 Number 11



ISOprocedures, the global standard

In an increasingly global market, shared standards are crucial for industrial activities. ISO is a global manager of regulatory harmonization, and FederUnacoma hosted several meetings of the organization dedicated to crop protection machines in recent months

Year 2016 Number 10-11

October - November

Year 2016 Number 7-9

July - August - September

Year 2016 Number 5 - 6

May - June

Year 2016 Number 4


Year 2015 Number 11


Year 2015 Number 10


Year 2015 Number 5-6

May - June

Year 2015 Number 3-4

March - April

Year 2014 Number 7-9

July - September


The "mother" of all type-approvals

The European Union last year published Regulation 167/2013, known as the "Mother Regulation", the framework for type-approval certification for agricultural machinery to be enacted in 2016 for tractors and trailers. We are taking a look at its contents, the main new features introduced and answering some simple questions
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