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From multi fuel to hybrid engines, the winning solutions from FPT Industrial

FPT Industrial, an Iveco Group brand specialized in the design and production of low environmental impact engine technologies, presented several innovative proposals at Agritechnica. We start with the new FPT Industrial XC13, the first single-base multi-fuel engine, launched in preview...

Hydrogen technology for Kohler engines

In the coming days, Kohler Energy, an independent company of the Kohler group, will begin field testing the new hydrogen fuel cell technology. This was announced by the same American manufacturer that presented its latest proposals for the "sustainable" engine...

Agricultural engines, technological evolution and alternative fuel

While waiting for the complete electrification of agricultural machinery, for several years, the internal combustion engine will still be widely used. To limit the environmental impact, in addition to the application of anti-pollution devices, more sustainable solutions addressing alternative fuels are actually taken into account, also concerning their production

Engines for agricultural machinery, towards 'neutral' systems

At EIMA 2022, manufacturers of engines and agricultural machinery, which are currently Stage V compliant, discussed the solutions to be adopted to achieve the ambitious goals that the European institutions are setting towards the goal of climate neutrality

FPT Industrial, the full range at EIMA

At EIMA International, FPT Industrial presented all the highlights of its collection. It starts with the F28 Hybrid engine for agricultural applications, launched for the first time in 2019 at Agritechnica. The hybrid propulsion system offered by the Turin-based manufacturer...

New fuels for Kohler engines

HVO stands for Hydrotreating of Vegetable Oils and is a paraffin-based fuel produced from vegetable and animal waste oils which, unlike biodiesel, does not use agricultural resources and does not affect deforestation. Kohler Engines, which manufactures a wide range of...

The technical progress of engines for agricultural use

Similar to those for the automotive sector, endothermic engines for off-road vehicles (thus including those mounted on agricultural tractor machines) also have a impact on the environment. Adoption of the latest anti-pollution devices enables a reduction in harmful emissions, up to more than 90%

Engines ready for the "green revolution"

Vehicles powered by environmentally friendly fuels are already a reality for tractor engine manufacturers. The central role of innovation in view of the likely breakthroughs to be made by Brussels to reduce C02 emissions

Lubricating oils and filters for the engine

Lubrication is a fundamental requirement for the proper functioning of the engine of any self-propelled agricultural machinery. In fact, excessive friction would inevitably lead to a significant reduction in the power generated with a harmful overheating and a simultaneous increase in the wear of moving parts

DEUTZ Italy, tailor-made engine technology

DEUTZ Italy, a subsidiary of the German multinational group DEUTZ based in Cologne, has been present on the Italian market for over a century. It designs and markets industrial and marine propulsion systems, developing customised technical engineering solutions that always...

Stage V engine for Landini MISTRAL 2 models

Series 2, the range produced by Landini, has been renewed with a new engine and a new design in line with the Landini Family Feeling. The new Series, called MISTRAL2, will be equipped with the Kohler Stage V engine, thus...
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Stage V, medium powers excluded from the derogation

For low and high powers, the assembling and marketing of machinery with transition motors is postponed to 2021. The trade associations’ request for a postponement also for the medium powers, was only partially accepted

Reducing emissions from diesel engines

The exhaust pollutant emissions from endothermic diesel engines have a high environmental impact, however, the modern anti-pollution systems can narrow reduce it by over 90%

V-Twin: the new Honda engine

The iGX700 and iGX800 monoblock engines will be marketed starting next autumn, expanding the family of Honda V-Twin engines. Both models - says the manufacturer - are available with horizontal and vertical shafts, and are noteworthy for the innovative electronic...
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Emissions regulation, cannot be applied to overhang and half-track tractor engines

At a meeting held in 21st of June at Enovitis in Campo the technical difficulty of installing bulky exhaust devices for treating emissions on specialist vineyard and fruit orchard tractors became clear. Changing the built of these machines to make them capable of mounting them means compromising their functions and it would be unthinkable to modify planting distances by expanding the row widths. A request for an amendment of the regulation for the specific sector is being prepared

Vigorous and versatile, the new Honda engines

The Japanese multinational has announced the upcoming introduction of a line of 2 HP four stroke engines highly efficient and sparing fuel consumption. Already in production are GCVx series vertical-shaft engines coming to the market for distribution in Europe to begin in September

New single-cylinder Command by Kohler

Command PRO EFI ECH440 is a single-cylinder 14-horsepower engine with electronic closed-loop injection technology (EFI), developed by Kohler to provide fuel efficiency, reliability and optimized ignition procedures even in the most difficult working conditions. As the manufacturer explains in a...

New Vanguard engines from Briggs&Stratton

Vanguard is a new range of horizontal engines by Briggs & Stratton designed to ensure excellent performance and long term reliability. A leading feature introduced to these new Vanguard 4.85 kW (6.5 Hp) engines is the simplified start type with...

Kohler Flex technology, the universal engines

A high profile at Agritechnica for the “Kohler Flex”, the range of emissions filtration solutions that Kohler has designed to allow every KDI engine configuration to comply with the anti-pollution standards and regulations in force in the various national markets....

KDI engines, new "agricultural" by Kohler

New versions of Kohler KDI engines built especially for agriculture are coming up for the EIMA International 2016 exposition with the appearance of the KDI 1903, KDI 2504 and KDI 3404 models featuring ultra-compact design and the highest performances in...

European Union regulation on narrow track tractors: efficient and sustainable

The European Parliament has approved emission standards for engines used in new non-road mobile machinery, NRMM. The norm sets severe parameters for safeguarding the environment but acknowledges the specifics of vineyard and fruit orchard tractors to allow them to move from the current Stage IIIB to Stage V in 2021 to give manufacturers more time to design solutions for the installation of after-treatment systems compatible with the size of the engine without altering operational requirements of these tractors

Near future: the particulate filter for the Kohler KDI

Countdown to the debut of the particulate filter on the KDI engines made Kohler Engines. The manufacturer made the announcement, explaining how this innovation has its origin in the need to meet the requirements on emissions required for Stage V....

Briggs & Stratton: new intelligent

The new range of Briggs & Stratton innovative mower engines in the EXi-Series 650 and 675 unveiled at the Garden Show in Monza came about as the direct result of suggestions filed by the customers of the American manufacturer and...

The high performance of the Kohler "Power Unit"

Compactness and power, reliability and fuel economy. These are the main strengths of the Power Unit line, KDI diesel engines designed expressly by Kohler Engines for small and medium power generators. It is a full range of “plug and play”...

Performance and versatility with Kohler KDI 3404 engines

The Kohler KDI engines are moving on from their success at EIMA International to the SIMA  Agricultural Business Show in Paris for the presentation of the all new KDI 3404 (Kohler Direct Injection) diesel engines. These power plants are equipped...

Reduced size and power consumption for Kohler KDI engines

In view of the entry into force of the upcoming emission standards (TIER 4 final, above 19kW in the US; Stage IIIB, above 37kW in the EU) Kohler presents its new range of diesel engines, Kohler Direct Injection (with engine...

The "mother" of all type-approvals

The European Union last year published Regulation 167/2013, known as the "Mother Regulation", the framework for type-approval certification for agricultural machinery to be enacted in 2016 for tractors and trailers. We are taking a look at its contents, the main new features introduced and answering some simple questions

JCB Italia 30 years powered by Kohler/Lombardini engines

New JCB models powered by Kohler/Lombardini engines were unwrapped in Reggio Emilia. For the British trademark, the occasion included discussions on future strategies

Kohler-Lombardini, JCB: close encounter of a new kind

The innovative new KDI engine brought into production this year by Reggio Emilia-based Kohler-Lombardini will lie at the heart of a whole range of products from the UK's JCB, the leading maker of equipment for earth-moving and related activities.At the...

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