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Stage V engine for Landini MISTRAL 2 models

by Emanuele Bredice
May - June 2021 | Back

Series 2, the range produced by Landini, has been renewed with a new engine and a new design in line with the Landini Family Feeling. The new Series, called MISTRAL2, will be equipped with the Kohler Stage V engine, thus abandoning the Tier 3 engine. The new 1.9-litre, 3-cylinder turbocharged aftercooled engine delivers maximum power of 49 and 57 HP respectively for the MISTRAL 2-055 and 2-060 models, with maximum torques of 180 and 200 Nm already available at just 1200 engine revolutions.

The fuel system upgrade was made possible thanks to the work of Argo Tractors' designers, who managed to keep the height of the bonnet unchanged from the ground, adopting an exhaust gas treatment system on the side of the bonnet, thus leaving the operator's view of the working area unchanged. This solution, explains the Fabbrico-based company, makes Mistral2 a tractor that is not only suitable for specialised farming operations, but also for municipal operations such as grass mowing and public green maintenance. One of the most important new features is the availability of the Engine Memo Switch, which allows engine revs to be memorised and quickly recalled using a convenient button on the right-hand console.

Landini's latest model has both the Standard configuration, available in the platform or cab versions, and the GE (Ground Effect) configuration, available only in the platform version, which, with its "lowered" set-up achieved thanks to rear reduction gears and a dedicated front axle, reduces the overall height of the bonnet and mudguards from the ground. This is an ideal solution for working under canopies or awnings. The transmission with mechanical reverse shuttle is available in 12AV+12RM or 16AV+16RM if equipped with a super-reducer, with a minimum speed of 220m/h. The FOPS cab is mounted on silent blocks that isolate it from noise and vibration. Driving comfort is also ensured by a series of optional extras such as air conditioning, opening front window and radio; the controls are ergonomic and in an intuitive position for the operator. The rear power lift with a category 1 three-point hitch can lift up to 1200 kilos, while the front lift, optional with or without a 1000 rpm PTO, can lift up to 400 kilos.  On this product line, Landini has provided three auxiliary spool valves (two as standard and one floating as an option).

The rear mechanical PTO, says a technical note from the Fabbrico-based company, is available in two speeds, 540 and 540E rpm, and is synchronised with the forward motion. The double-drive front axle has an electro-hydraulic "Hydralock" differential lock in both Standard and GE versions.

Finally, Mistral 2 Stage V comes with a new electronic instrument, derived from the Landini REX4 family and including useful digital information such as diagnostics and warnings, maintenance intervals, data on the work carried out and fuel consumption.



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