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From multi fuel to hybrid engines, the winning solutions from FPT Industrial

by Fabrizio Sereni
December 2023 | Back

FPT Industrial, an Iveco Group brand specialized in the design and production of low environmental impact engine technologies, presented several innovative proposals at Agritechnica. We start with the new FPT Industrial XC13, the first single-base multi-fuel engine, launched in preview in the hydrogen version. From diesel and natural gas (including biomethane) to hydrogen and renewable fuels, the FPT Industrial XC13 has been designed with a common basis and optimised for use with a wide range of fuels, allowing for maximum component standardisation and easy on-board integration. In the hybrid-electric segment, the growing demand for electrification technologies has led to an increase in demand for specific latest generation battery packs which, like those launched by FPT Industrial at its stand, offer an advanced solution for the agricultural sector of zero-emission energy storage. The hybrid sector saw the debut of the small but powerful in-line four-cylinder F28 engine characterized by a diesel engine coupled to an electric flywheel. High performance, low fuel consumption and compact dimensions are the strong points of the F28 which develops a maximum power of 75 HP plus another 27 horsepower of continuous power generated by the electric engine. Thanks to its integrated layout, this solution is ideal as a plug-and-play replacement for larger diesel versions. The F36 PowerPack Stage V stands out for its power, flexibility and reliability when used in stationary and semi-stationary applications. The compact ATS package installed on the engine, which also includes the urea injection system and all necessary sensors and manifolds, eliminates the need to develop a dedicated exhaust system.

A series of options, including alternators, starters, water and air pre-heating systems and urea tanks of different sizes, further enha­n­ce the versatility of this engine, to the benefit of ease of installation. In the NEF range, the N45 model plays a lea­ding role: robust, re­lia­ble and ver­satile, it offers a great variety of con­figurations and options to satisfy all the needs of the agricultural sector and to facilitate installation in off-road machines. Now available in the 147 kW version, the N45 owes its success to its high efficiency, EGR-free ATS layout and extended maintenance intervals of up to 1,200 hours.

The N67 Natural Gas engine, on the other hand, represents the most advanced solution in terms of clean energy engines developed specifically for open-field tractors. In terms of power, torque and durability, the N67 NG offers similar performance to the diesel version with the same level of efficiency and maneuverability. With the use of biomethane – we read in an FPT technical note – CO2 emissions are almost eliminated, thus allowing the creation of circular ecosystems in agriculture.

Furthermore, the N67 NG is the beating heart of the New Holland T6.180 Methane Power, winner of the "Sustainable Tractor of the Year 2022" title.


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