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XC13, a 'multi-fuel' engine from FPT

by the editorial staff
October - November 2022 | Back

A red 'X' stamped on the cylinder head marks the new XC13 single-base multi-fuel engine from FPT Industrial, unveiled as a world premiere at the IAA 2022 in Hanover. As the manufacturer explains in a technical note, it is an engine compatible with a wide range of fuels - from diesel to natural gas, from hydrogen to renewable fuels - that has been designed by Iveco engineers to allow maximum standardisation of components and, consequently, to integrate easily with the construction architecture of different types of machines. The diesel version offers absolute top performance with a maximum power output of 600 hp and maximum torque of 2,850 Nm, and is notable for a reduction in CO2  emissions of 9%, compared to its predecessor, the Cursor 13. The CNG-powered XC13 develops a maximum power output of 520 Hp and maximum torque of 2,500 Nm with a 10% reduction in emissions (compared to the Cursor 13 Natural Gas model), while the biomethane-powered one can achieve - according to FPT Industrial - net zero CO2 emissions. Both versions have a very significant reduction in weight, by 100 and 80 kilos respectively, thanks to the construction of the cylinder block head in compact graphite, which made it possible to thin the walls, also increasing thermo-mechanical resistance. The improvement in economic and environmental sustainability is the result of greater combustion efficiency, made possible by the new fuel injection system, increased maximum cylinder pressure, reduced friction and a new separate flow pipe. Last but not least, among the versions of the new XC13 engine, there is also a hydrogen combustion one powering the LEITWOLF h2MOTION snow groomer. Designed by the South Tyrolean company Prinoth, the LEITWOLF h2MOTION model, which is still at the prototype stage, has been conceived for large ski resorts where work on the slopes requires a great power, which, in the case of the FPT XC13, is delivered by a six-cylinder 13-litre, 460 horsepower engine.



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