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From multi fuel to hybrid engines, the winning solutions from FPT Industrial

FPT Industrial, an Iveco Group brand specialized in the design and production of low environmental impact engine technologies, presented several innovative proposals at Agritechnica. We start with the new FPT Industrial XC13, the first single-base multi-fuel engine, launched in preview...

CASE IH Steiger 715: FPT powertrain boosts performance

At the Farm Progress Show 2023 - one of the leading outdoor agricultural trade shows held in the USA at the end of August - FPT Industrial unveiled the new C16 TST two-stage turbocharger to power the top-of-the-line CASE IH...

FPT Industrial, the full range at EIMA

At EIMA International, FPT Industrial presented all the highlights of its collection. It starts with the F28 Hybrid engine for agricultural applications, launched for the first time in 2019 at Agritechnica. The hybrid propulsion system offered by the Turin-based manufacturer...

XC13, a 'multi-fuel' engine from FPT

A red 'X' stamped on the cylinder head marks the new XC13 single-base multi-fuel engine from FPT Industrial, unveiled as a world premiere at the IAA 2022 in Hanover. As the manufacturer explains in a technical note, it is an...

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