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FPT Industrial, the full range at EIMA

by Fabrizio Sereni
December 2022 | Back

At EIMA International, FPT Industrial presented all the highlights of its collection. It starts with the F28 Hybrid engine for agricultural applications, launched for the first time in 2019 at Agritechnica. The hybrid propulsion system offered by the Turin-based manufacturer exploits a 75-horsepower diesel engine coupled with an electric flywheel that adds another 27 continuous horsepower and 41 maximum power. Compact and high-performance, FPT's hybrid is suitable as a plug-and-play solution to replace the larger diesel versions and offers top-level performance with electric equipment. The improved coupling/uncoupling efficiency - says a manufacturer's note - reduces fuel consumption by 20%, depending on the implement technology used. In addition, the F28 Hybrid is designed with a scalable modular approach that allows it to be upgraded from the current 48 V P1 architecture to the high-voltage P2 architecture, for even higher power output (indoors, stables, greenhouses). The F28 PowerPack, which completes FPT Industrial's range of power units for industrial applications, is a new version of the 'Diesel of the Year 2020' winning power unit. The new F28 PowerPack is a compact and complete 'rugged' power unit (including all the key components for after-treatment), which simplifies installation on the machine. This engine is a completely pre-assembled solution, integrating cooling module, air filter and after-treatment system (ATS) in a single package.

The F28 PowerPack, offering the performance of a 3.4-litre in a 2-litre format, is ideal for many space-constrained, performance-oriented industrial applications, while the 600-hour oil change intervals help to further lower the operating cost bar. The F36 PowerPack Stage V, on the other hand, is a powerful, flexible and reliable solution for stationary and semi-stationary applications such as irrigation pumps, air compressor units for fertiliser and drainage operations, chippers and shredders. Like all FPT Industrial PowerPacks, this one has a unique layout for Stage V and Tier 4 Final standards, making it the ideal solution for markets with different emission standards. The compact ATS package, which also includes the urea injection system and all necessary sensors and manifolds, eliminates the need to develop a dedicated exhaust system. A range of options, including alternators, starters, water and air preheating systems and urea tanks of different sizes, provides even greater flexibility for installations.

The N67 Natural gas engine is the heart of the New Holland T6.180 Methane Power model, winner of the "Tractor of the Year 2022" competition in the sustainability category. In terms of power, torque, durability and service intervals, the N67 NG offers similar performance to the diesel version, delivering the same level of performance while reducing the carbon footprint of farming operations. Under real operating conditions, polluting emissions are cut by an average of 80% compared to tho­se ­of traditional diesel en­gines, reaching carbon neutrality when fuelled with biome­tha­ne.

At EIMA International, FPT Industrial also presen­ted the FPT eBS 42 bat­tery pack, de­veloped in collaboration with Microvast. Thanks to its high energy density, the FPT battery pack offers top performance and a high level of flexibility that allows it to be installed on different types of agricultural machinery.


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