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Hydrogen technology for Kohler engines

by Giovanni M. Losavio
December 2023 | Back

In the coming days, Kohler Energy, an independent company of the Kohler group, will begin field testing the new hydrogen fuel cell technology. This was announced by the same American manufacturer that presented its latest proposals for the "sustainable" engine segment in Hanover. The fuel cell propulsion system launched at Agritechnica, the first developed by the US company, is based on a 100 kW solid polymer electrolyte membrane device, powered by green hydrogen. This particular power system – explained the president of the Kohler Energy group Brian Melka during a press conference held at Agritechnica – finds its ideal field of use in structures with high energy consumption, such as hospitals, data centres, ports, plants of water purification. Cell technology is not the only innovation unveiled by Kohler Energy at the event which ended on November 18th. In fact, the North American company has implemented the KDI 2504 TCR engine with a hydrogen propulsion system. Already available in the diesel version, the "new" KDI 2504 TCR is designed for a vast field of applications, from off-road machines and equipment to industrial generators. The engine – as Melka explained to the press – is capable of satisfying a truly broad power demand, starting from 20kW and reaching 5MW, offering the same performance and power density as its fossil fuel counterpart. «Kohler Energy is committed to the development of advanced technologies and engineering systems that contribute to decarbonization through the exploitation of energy sources. We are present in multiple market segments and this - commented the president of the Kohler Energy group - allows us to offer a particularly broad and differentiated range of technological solutions".


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