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New fuels for Kohler engines

HVO stands for Hydrotreating of Vegetable Oils and is a paraffin-based fuel produced from vegetable and animal waste oils which, unlike biodiesel, does not use agricultural resources and does not affect deforestation. Kohler Engines, which manufactures a wide range of...

KSD, Kohler's universal motors

The KSD Series is a family of engines with a power rating of less than 19 kW, designed by Kohler to meet regulations in all countries of the world and to adapt to all types of machines. It is therefore...

From electric to thermal, the latest from Kohler

Kohler's return to trade fairs in physical attendance marks the debut of the K-HEM hybrid units, which make their debut at EIMA International 2021. The spotlight will therefore be on the K-HEM 2504 model but, above all, on the K-HEM...

KDI 3404TCR SCR: performing and green

A high torque density and compact size make up the new Kohler KDI 3404TCR SCR engine's main features. KDI 3404TCR SCR: high-performance and EU-Stage V, have respectively 500Nm and 650Nm of maximum torque that - as stated in a company...

Kohler Flex, the integrated system of KDI engines

At Eima International, Kohler presents a further development of the KDIdiesel engine platform, with the addition of new models all conform to the Stage V. Already characterized by “green” combustion, KDI engines present the Kohler FlexTM technology, a range of...

New single-cylinder Command by Kohler

Command PRO EFI ECH440 is a single-cylinder 14-horsepower engine with electronic closed-loop injection technology (EFI), developed by Kohler to provide fuel efficiency, reliability and optimized ignition procedures even in the most difficult working conditions. As the manufacturer explains in a...

KDI engines, new "agricultural" by Kohler

New versions of Kohler KDI engines built especially for agriculture are coming up for the EIMA International 2016 exposition with the appearance of the KDI 1903, KDI 2504 and KDI 3404 models featuring ultra-compact design and the highest performances in...

Near future: the particulate filter for the Kohler KDI

Countdown to the debut of the particulate filter on the KDI engines made Kohler Engines. The manufacturer made the announcement, explaining how this innovation has its origin in the need to meet the requirements on emissions required for Stage V....

The high performance of the Kohler "Power Unit"

Compactness and power, reliability and fuel economy. These are the main strengths of the Power Unit line, KDI diesel engines designed expressly by Kohler Engines for small and medium power generators. It is a full range of “plug and play”...

Performance and versatility with Kohler KDI 3404 engines

The Kohler KDI engines are moving on from their success at EIMA International to the SIMA  Agricultural Business Show in Paris for the presentation of the all new KDI 3404 (Kohler Direct Injection) diesel engines. These power plants are equipped...

Reduced size and power consumption for Kohler KDI engines

In view of the entry into force of the upcoming emission standards (TIER 4 final, above 19kW in the US; Stage IIIB, above 37kW in the EU) Kohler presents its new range of diesel engines, Kohler Direct Injection (with engine...

Kohler-Lombardini, JCB: close encounter of a new kind

The innovative new KDI engine brought into production this year by Reggio Emilia-based Kohler-Lombardini will lie at the heart of a whole range of products from the UK's JCB, the leading maker of equipment for earth-moving and related activities.At the...

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