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New single-cylinder Command by Kohler

by Giacomo Di Paola
July - August - September 2018 | Back

Command PRO EFI ECH440 is a single-cylinder 14-horsepower engine with electronic closed-loop injection technology (EFI), developed by Kohler to provide fuel efficiency, reliability and optimized ignition procedures even in the most difficult working conditions. As the manufacturer explains in a technical note, starting the Command PRO EFI ECH440 takes place without choke and without carburettor. This allows not only to work with a machine that is always running (for greater productivity), but also to increase the engine’s reliability. The management of the exhaust through a closed circuit system significantly improves the combustion processes and, therefore, extends the life cycle of the engine over time, while reducing fuel consumption. In terms of reliability, it is worth mentioning the EFI diagnostic device that makes it possible to solve in a very short time possible critical issues burdening the engine. “Since its launch, our EFI technology has been widely used by application builders and has been well received by end users in a wide range of industries. While working, reliability, ease of use and efficiency - comments Ben Marotz, Marketing Manager at Kohler Engines, presenting the new model - are essential and it is gratifying to be able to offer a model that meets these requirements all over the world for single-cylinder applications”. The Command PRO EFI ECH440 is a model that is also prized for its quietness and comfort of use.

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