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Caffini, high tech solutions for phytosanitary treatments of vineyards

by Giacomo Di Paola
May - June 2024 | Back

The Caffini range of technologies for phytosanitary treatments sees the debut of two new pieces of equipment. The first, Rafal-Arti, is a machine specialized in low-volume interventions for vineyards and is suitable for multi-row operations. Equipped with a centrifugal turbine, Rafal-Arti comes with an articulated tank available in various sizes (800, 1,000, 1,500 and 2,000 litres) and with a cell mounted on the third point of the tractor. All the components dedicated to the treatment, from the turbine to the arms with hydraulic opening up to the diffusers are positioned right inside the cell and this - explains the Veronese manufacturer (based in Palù) in a technical note - improves the vehicle's manoeuverability even in the tightest turning spaces or on hilly terrain. Rafal-Arti can work on two or three complete rows. The other debutant from Caffini is the Proxi model, a vehicle equipped with arms with hydraulic opening and a system of diffusers (positioned right on the arms) which ensures better coverage of the leaf wall. The air flows and calibrated or anti-drift nozzles of the diffusers make it possible to optimise the quality of the treatments, reducing both product consumption and its air dispersion (drift effect). The electro-hydraulic controls for moving the arms and dispensing treatments are located inside the cabin, where the CB9 on-board computer can also be installed for precision farming operations. The Arti and Proxi models - we read in the note signed by Caffini - are approved for road circulation and therefore do not require the replacement of the rudder.

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