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Caffini technology for targeted treatments

by Giacomo Di Paola
November 2021 | Back

The Veronese company Caffini (headquartered in Palù), specialised in the design and production of crop protection solutions, presented at EIMA International the Smart Synthesis Hybrid technology, which was awarded the Technical Innovation 2021 prize at the Bologna exhibition. The innovative solution proposed by the Veneto-based company for its Synthesis sprayer, which is particularly suitable for arboreal crops, features an autonomous electric transmission with an electric generator driven by the tractor's power take-off and an inverter that automatically varies fan speed and the quantity of product dispensed. Smart Synthesis Hybrid's sensors make it possible to assess the plant's leaf mass, taking into account seasonal phenological development, and to vary the amount of air needed in real time. A computerised system sets the litres/hectare of product that must be distributed to optimise cultivation, based on the particular characteristics of the crop. Smart Synthesis Hybrid is also equipped with an electric fan and instantaneous variable frequency PWM jets, with the possibility of using prescription maps, which - explains the Verona-based manufacturer in a technical note - deliver targeted treatments, thus significantly reducing not only the consumption of plant protection products and fuel, but also the noise levels of the machine and above all a significant reduction in drift and its impact on the environment. Smart Synthesis Hybrid, has been developed thanks to a Horizon 2020 project called "Optima".


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