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Spray Veg, the new Caffini sprayer

by Fabrizio Sereni
June 2018 | Back

Time for new products in the Caffini house, with the debut of Spray Veg, a sprayer designed for range IV horticultural crops. Suitable for greenhouse or open field work (on 4 rows) and equipped with asymmetrical hydraulic bar (three working widths: 7.2, 7.5 and 8 metres), Spray Veg is a machine made with high-strength materials that still do not weigh down the structure. Thanks to this construction approach, the new Caffini sprayer is able to offer top-level performance with light tractors of limited power (for maximum soil preservation). The bar also has presents innovative features. It can be closed hydraulically on the vertical, maintaining a maximum height of two metres, and compared to traditional bars, it stands out for the close proximity of the jets, which allows the operator to position it a few centimetres from the ground, increasing the process effectiveness. Spray Veg is also equipped with a system-washing cistern, which cleans the circuit, pump, distributor, pipes and nozzles at the end of the work. Offered with a 300 or 400 litre capacity, the Verona company’s sprayer also comes with a manual distributor (proportional to the forward speed) complete with 5 bar feed selectors. It also features a device for the electrostatic charge of the plant protection product, where the microdroplets are attracted by the vegetation, for even more effective low volume treatments. An optimized air sleeve improves and gives more uniformity to the penetration of the treatment into the leaves. In short, the new air sleeve not only serves to reduce the amount of litres dispensed per hectare and avoid the drift effect, but also makes it possible to work in difficult weather conditions, on days with a lot of wind. Spray Veg is marketed by Caffini in versions with 300 or 400 litres capacities.


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