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Caffini technology for targeted treatments

The Veronese company Caffini (headquartered in Palù), specialised in the design and production of crop protection solutions, presented at EIMA International the Smart Synthesis Hybrid technology, which was awarded the Technical Innovation 2021 prize at the Bologna exhibition. The innovative...

Combo-Arti and T-ONE, agility for pesticide treatments

The latest Caffini product is called Combo-Arti, part of the Rafal range, and is a machine equipped with a centrifugal turbine designed for low-volume multi-row treatments in vineyards (on two or three rows). Combo-Arti is made up of a cell...

Water Grasskiller against weeds

An innovative approach in the fight against weeds thanks to the technology developed by Caffini, which uses the power of water thrown at a high pressure on plants. This machinery, which was already awarded at EIMA 2016, is raising a particular interest among the farmers

Spray Veg, the new Caffini sprayer

Time for new products in the Caffini house, with the debut of Spray Veg, a sprayer designed for range IV horticultural crops. Suitable for greenhouse or open field work (on 4 rows) and equipped with asymmetrical hydraulic bar (three working...

From Caffini a new machine for water-powered weeding

EIMA International is the stage for the premiere of the latest arrival from Caffini, awarded at the Bologna event with the Technical Innovation 2016 prize. We are talking about Grass Killer, an application intended for anti-pest treatments in spaces between...

Efficiency and operational flexibility with the new Striker by Caffini

The Striker is a new line of self-propelled boom sprayers from the manufacturer Caffini in Palù, near Verona, coming up for presentation at Fieragricola. The two models are equipped with 3,000 and 4,000 liter tanks and HBL and HBB hydraulic...

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