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Powertrailer SR 331: stability and riding comfort

by Emanuele Bredice
May - June 2024 | Back

BKT recently launched the new All-Steel POWERTRAILER SR 331 radial tyre. Specifically designed by the Indian company's engineers for trailers and tankers, the model is particularly suitable for road transport, but the tyre's design features can also be applied in field work. In fact, the good flotation properties of the POWERTRAILER SR 331 help reduce soil compaction, preventing soil damage and preserving soil structure. The lower rolling resistance, on the other hand, saves on fuel consumption and consequently on running costs. Among the most outstanding technical properties of the novelty presented by BKT is the stability even in the most demanding manoeuvres, such as cornering or roundabouts, where the shifts in the transported load affect the weight that weighs heavily on the tyre. It is precisely the All-Steel construction that guarantees the transport of very high loads, as the sidewall structure protects against impacts and rubbing, while - explains the Indian multinational - the reinforced heel and hexagonal bead ensure adequate anchorage to the rim. Thanks to these features and the multi-block tread design, the operator can benefit from optimal driving comfort, even on wet asphalt. Finally, the tread pattern makes wear even across the entire surface, thus reducing vibrations in the cab.

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