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KDI 3404TCR SCR: performing and green

by Emanuele Bredice
December 2020 | Back

A high torque density and compact size make up the new Kohler KDI 3404TCR SCR engine's main features. KDI 3404TCR SCR: high-performance and EU-Stage V, have respectively 500Nm and 650Nm of maximum torque that - as stated in a company note - provide performance typical of engines with higher displacement. As for all the American company's engines, high attention has been paid to the exhaust gas after-treatment system, featuring long maintenance intervals and the ability to regenerate the DPF (particulate filter), mainly in passive mode and at any rate without loss of engine performance and vehicle maneuverability. The EU-Stage V's exhaust gas treatment is housed in a single, compact, and easy-to-install enclosure, a flexible solution allowing the layout to be customized according to the machine's installation.  EU-Stage V's performance is high. As a matter of fact, the engine can reach 112kW as early as 1800 rpm, allowing it to work at low engine speeds while also improving noise levels and fuel consumption. Not only does the KDI 3404TCR SCR provide advantages in performance, size, and emissions.  It also features side power take-offs that flank the primary and secondary power take-offs and are designed to maximize the KDI 3404's installation flexibility. Another "plus" of the KDI 3404TCR SCR are the counter-rotating shafts included in the crankcase architecture, which reduce vibrations while ensuring operator comfort and engine silence.

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