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KSD, Kohler's universal motors

by Giovanni M. Losavio
January 2022 | Back

The KSD Series is a family of engines with a power rating of less than 19 kW, designed by Kohler to meet regulations in all countries of the world and to adapt to all types of machines. It is therefore a "passepartout" line, currently made up of three models - KSD 1403NA (Naturally aspirated), KSD 1403TC (Turbocharged), KSD 1403TCA (Turbocharged with aftercooler) - but which, as the North American manufacturer itself states, is destined to expand in the coming years with diesel and propane-powered engines. Developing a range capable of adapting to and thus complying with the anti-pollution regulations of more than 180 countries, the US company explains in a note, required a great deal of design effort. However, it is thanks to this commitment - says the note - that Kohler engineers have been able to offer the market highly efficient and highly flexible construction solutions. The performance of the KSDs is top of the class: at low revs the torque is 95 Nm at 1,000 rpm, with a peak that at low speeds reaches 120 Nm at 1,400 rpm, for a maximum power of 18.4 W at 1,800 rpm. Such high performance is due to electronic engine control.

The system, which is of the indirect injection type (but features the management typical of direct injection engines), optimises both fuel dosage and load response, thereby increasing productivity and reducing working time. Another advantage of electronic control, which does not entail any additional costs for OEMs, is the possibility of maintaining high performance even when working at high altitudes and minimising fuel consumption by optimising engine speed and controlling the machine's hydraulics.

The use of high-strength construction materials allows the new Kohler engines to adapt to any type of industrial application, while the flexibility of the fan position and the option to equip it with service points on both sides allow the new models from the American manufacturer to be used with a wide range of machines, from agricultural tractors and excavators to forklifts, generators and refrigeration units. Easy to install - they can be considered "plug and play" solutions - the KSD engines are also popular for their extended oil change intervals: "Clean" combustion, Kohler explains, reduces consumption and prevents dilution and soot contamination.

The solution adopted by the American manufacturer to achieve this important result was to renew the design of the piston rings and the crankcase ventilation system, while making cylinder smoothing more effective. In addition, the use of the Poly-V belt and hydraulic tappets has allowed the manufacturer to provide a three-year warranty for the KSD line, covering up to 6,000 hours.

Obviously, Kohler's latest products offer the widest possible customisation possibilities in terms of the third power take-off, the variable position of the cooling fan, the choice of side for the service point, as well as the possibility of choosing between different types of oil sumps and oil filters, focusing on devices capable of extending service intervals.


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