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KDI engines, new "agricultural" by Kohler

by the editorial staff
October - November 2016 | Back

New versions of Kohler KDI engines built especially for agriculture are coming up for the EIMA International 2016 exposition with the appearance of the KDI 1903, KDI 2504 and KDI 3404 models featuring ultra-compact design and the highest performances in their respective categories. These power plants are easy to install thanks to their size and ensure reduced fuel consumption and optimum productivity and efficiency to lower operating and maintenance costs. Another strong point for the KDI engines is their Tier 4 Final advanced after treatment combustion system which meets the industry’s most severe emission standards for respect for the environment. Beginning with the Kohler tried and tested bedplate architecture for robust construction and torsion rigidity the KDIs are highly efficient for mounting on agricultural tractors to become structural parts of the machine to counter significant stresses typical for these engines. For specialist tractors, Kohler has come up with a special structural carter design running through the central tunnel for the driveshaft.

Two auxiliary lateral PTO mounts, (SAE A and SAE B), for supplying great engine power provide perfect integration of the tractor’s hydraulics for the efficient drive needed for operating typical implements.

The latest generation high pressure, at 2000 bar, Common Rail injection system for this range and electronic engine management interfaced with electronic machine control at the end point make it possible to apply dedicated calibrations for specific needs. In detail, the special benefit of the system is the speedy response for rapid power along the entire torque curve transformed into operational readiness of the machine, especially in peak demand for power. Another important feature of these engines to cite is that the electronic Common Rail system substantially helps noise and vibration reduction to make these Kohler’s quietest diesel ever.



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