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KDI engines, new "agricultural" by Kohler

New versions of Kohler KDI engines built especially for agriculture are coming up for the EIMA International 2016 exposition with the appearance of the KDI 1903, KDI 2504 and KDI 3404 models featuring ultra-compact design and the highest performances in...

Near future: the particulate filter for the Kohler KDI

Countdown to the debut of the particulate filter on the KDI engines made Kohler Engines. The manufacturer made the announcement, explaining how this innovation has its origin in the need to meet the requirements on emissions required for Stage V....

Reduced size and power consumption for Kohler KDI engines

In view of the entry into force of the upcoming emission standards (TIER 4 final, above 19kW in the US; Stage IIIB, above 37kW in the EU) Kohler presents its new range of diesel engines, Kohler Direct Injection (with engine...

JCB Italia 30 years powered by Kohler/Lombardini engines

New JCB models powered by Kohler/Lombardini engines were unwrapped in Reggio Emilia. For the British trademark, the occasion included discussions on future strategies

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