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Near future: the particulate filter for the Kohler KDI

by Giovanni M. Losavio
July - August - September 2016 | Back

Countdown to the debut of the particulate filter on the KDI engines made Kohler Engines. The manufacturer made the announcement, explaining how this innovation has its origin in the need to meet the requirements on emissions required for Stage V. The particulate filter, specifies Kohler in a technical note, should make its debut by 2019, but the designers’ work is already at an advanced stage. According to some advances provided by the manufacturer, the strategy has been to focus on a very compact post-treatment solution, inspired by the latest technological developments in the field of anti-particulate devices. The system under development is in fact based on the principle of passive regeneration - a continuous process by which the DPF is able to perform its function without any increase in temperature - and it would be decidedly advantageous for OEMs from both the point of view of operational flexibility and maintenance (with reduced intervals), and from that of the performance of the engine and, therefore, of the machine. In this regard, Kohler Engines has announced that with the future Stage V solution, the KDI platform will be even more competitive, both in performance and in operating costs. 

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