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Olimac highlights its bestsellers

Olimac presents itself at the starting line of Agritechnica with all its flagship products, as well as an interesting novelty. Indeed, the company from Cuneo – with its main headquarters in Margarita – will offer the audience at the event...

Drago the flagship of the Olimac range

Olimac is expected at EIMA International with the bestsellers in its range. Highlighted on the stand of the Cuneo-based company, based in Margarita, are the maize headers with automatically-adjustable platters, DragoGT and Drago2. The maize headers available on the market...

Olimac, innovative solutions for corn harvesting

At EIMA, Olimac will be presenting the DragoGT and Drago2 corn headers and the latest addition, DragoGold, winner of the EIMA International 20-21 Technical Innovation Award for its innovative hydraulic stalk chopper. All the mechanical components of the Drago header...

Olimac heads, maximum efficiency in harvesting

At EIMA International, in the Olimac exhibition spaces – the company is headquartered in Margarita, in the province of Cuneo – much emphasis is given to the high-performance corn heads DragoGT, Drago2, and the Drago Gold, the sunflower and sorghum...

Drago Gold, the new sunflower-sorghum head by Olimac

In addition to the famous DragoGT and Drago2 maize heads, the Agritechnica Olimac stand features Dragon Gold, the new sunflower- sorghum head designed by the Piedmontese company to bring together power, sturdiness and quality of work. The head comes with...

Olimac: the design of the tough Drago GT

Deck plates which automatically self-adjust to the varying sizes of the corn stalks equipped with QuadSuspension™ which absorbs the shock of ears pulled down by the knife rollers, the Twin Chop+ option featuring two counter-cutting scissors chopping knives which finely...
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Olimac, top-flight specialization in corn harvesting

Technological innovations, planning of manufacturing method, new generation plant. These are the factors which have enabled Olimac near Cuneo to rise on the global market with high tech machinery for corn harvesting with exports accounting for 98% of the enterprise's sales

DragoGT, the winning corn head from Olimac

The new DragoGT corn head by Olimac, a manufacturer in Margarita in the Cuneo Province, is coming up for New Technology prizes at the Fieragricola International Agricultural Technologies Exhibition in Verona and the FIMA International Fair of Agricultural Machinery in...

DragoGT by Olimac, high performance in the corn field

Olimac is located in Cumiana in the province of Turin, specializing in the design and manufacture of corn heads, recently unveiled the new DragoGT corn head at Agritechnica in Hanover. Introduced with the new head were automatic self-adjusting deck plates...

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