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CMA, innovative technologies for apple harvesting

Unlike many manufacturers of agricultural machinery, which established themselves after the Second World War thanks to the systematic mechanisation of Italian agriculture, the company CMA- Carpenterie Metalliche Anaunia began operating more recently. The Trentino company - based in Sarnonico in...

Harvesting machinery, innovations 4.0

Implementing digital technologies and automation to harvesting machinery is crucial in increasing production yields and improving the final product quality. And yet it is also a response to the agricultural labor shortage that came with the pandemic

From the field to the table, harvesting bulbs, tubers, and roots

Roots, bulbs and tubers need sowing (or transplanting) beds without skeleton, well refined, ventilated, and drained. In order to harvest the product preserving its quality, it is necessary to have dedicated machines, which differ for the harvesting bar, which can be adjusted to the specific needs of different species

The harvesting of small fruits is more and more mechanized

The red fruit market is in significant expansion, offering a wide variety of products with different organoleptic features. To make the collection more efficient, mechanical tools have been studied to facilitate and accelerate the harvesting. For American blueberries, industrial currants, and cranberries, differentiated mechanical means are available, while for strawberries, robotic systems are already on the market

From the field to the sugar factory: the beet harvest

Harvesting is the most complex phase of the sugar beets production. Technological progress and the implementation of more specific software, allow an improvement in harvest times and a better working environment for the operator

Mechanization of medicinal plants production

Compared to the most common crops, the production of medicinal plants is quite profitable. Nevertheless, specific mechanization is still very low, and the machinery used are often modified versions of machines designed for other functions

Mechanizations final frontier: harvesting robotization

Harvesting of many fresh fruit and vegetables is still exclusively carried out by hand to better maintain its organoleptic characteristics and, above all, its storage life. Although somewhat a little slowly, robotics begins to offer interesting alternative solutions

Bonino, on-demand harvesting technologies

Bonino, a company of Sommariva Bosco (Cuneo), is a specialist in the design and production of super customized special machines for the harvesting of aromatic herbs, medicines and leafy vegetables. The spearhead in this area is the new and super-performing...

Innovative technologies for lettuce cultivation

Whether in leafs or as a head of lettuce, in the open field or in protected scraps, lettuce production makes use of particularly advanced solutions, such as aeroponic cultivation and the application of artificial intelligence. In any case, with a high level of mechanization

MTS Sandei: sophisticated technology for harvesting tomatoes

On December 16, Pontenure (Piacenza) will host the debut of the new range of open-field tomato harvesting machines created by MTS Sandei. Comprised of three models, the THR line was developed with the support of the Emilia Romagna Region as part of the funding for industrial Research & Development

Corima system: harvesting and cleaning tomatoes

There is important news for the tomato harvesters by Corima. On the eve of the Bologna event, this announcement came from the Marche company (headquartered in Cingoli in the province of Macerata), which has always been specialized in making machines...

Facma, highly specialized in the harvesting of tree nuts

  In the exhibition spaces of Facma, the spotlight is aimed at two novelties signed by the Viterbo company. The RM170 model is a mechanical harvester with inter-row brush, patented, intended for the C200S, C300S, and C380S self-propelled suction harvesters,...
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Olimac, top-flight specialization in corn harvesting

Technological innovations, planning of manufacturing method, new generation plant. These are the factors which have enabled Olimac near Cuneo to rise on the global market with high tech machinery for corn harvesting with exports accounting for 98% of the enterprise's sales

Hazel nut technologies: new products from Facma

The manufacturer in Vitorchiano, near Viterbo, presented new models of specialized machinery for the hazel nut supply chain at Agriumbria 2016

Combine harvesters: innovation for a sustainable harvest

Bringing together hourly productivity and quality threshing is still one of the main objectives of manufacturers and the need to make harvesting more and more sustainable at the agronomic level has opened onto a significant technical evolution also for the management of crop residues and soil compaction

Bosco: advanced technologies for olive harvesting

The Pavia manufacturer, one of the first to enter the the sector of machinery for olive harvesting, has built on the success of these applications to consolidate the company's standing on the market and diversify in the segment of self-propelled machines

Carlotti, great specialization in potato harvesting

Carlotti in Bologna will take the stage at Fieragricola with their potato diggers and potato harvesting machines with the outstanding KMC range of potato diggers up front. The lightweight and robust KMC diggers in the 650 single-row and the double-row...

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