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Bonino, on-demand harvesting technologies

Bonino, a company of Sommariva Bosco (Cuneo), is a specialist in the design and production of super customized special machines for the harvesting of aromatic herbs, medicines and leafy vegetables. The spearhead in this area is the new and super-performing...

Livestock, the quality of Carri Trisystem

The Bonino manufacturer of self-loading mowers for forage in Sommariva Bosco near Cuneo dating back to 1946 is making its first appearance at the Agritechnicain Hanover with the Trisystem range. A technical note issued by the Piedmont company explained that these machines are designed...
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Bonino, the vocation for agricultural machinery

Born after the Second World War, the Piedmontese company distinguished itself since the beginnings for its production diversification, from landscaping machines to the latest self-loading wagons with mowers

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