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Bonino, the vocation for agricultural machinery

Born after the Second World War, the Piedmontese company distinguished itself since the beginnings for its production diversification, from landscaping machines to the latest self-loading wagons with mowers

by Fabrizio Sereni
May - June 2017 | Back

Founded in the months immediately following the end of World War II, the Bonino company of Sommariva del Bosco (Cuneo) experienced a difficult but dynamic and exciting era of rebirth. These were very lively phases for the Italian economy, on its knees after a devastating conflict, which had taken on the character of a civil war in the North. Of course, the real economic boom was still to come, but already the entrepreneurial initiatives of those months, such as the birth of the Cuneo company, carried within them the desire and promise for a better world. At the beginning of its business activities, Bonino Macchine Agricole focused on producing machines for the ecological maintaining parks and gardens and harvesting herbs and medicinal plants. Then, as it established itself on the market, the company specialized more and more in the agriculture and animal husbandry technology segment, a growing sector in the wake of the changed Italian eating habits. Thanks to this productive diversification, the company has experienced a steady growth since 1946, with its roots in a solid tradition of family entrepreneurship. Its flexible market strategy is very attentive to the new trends in the industry, and for this reason it is deeply devoted to customizing its range. Be it self-loading cutting wagons, self-loading wagons, mowing wagons or special agricultural machines for harvesting herbs, the philosophy at the Sommariva del Bosco plant is always the same: respond quickly and effectively to market demand, adapting rapidly to its changes. This is precisely how the Piedmontese company has been able to become known and appreciated also abroad, with exports now accounting for 95% of total turnover.


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