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Tires: technicality and innovation at the service of agriculture

Suitable criteria for choice and optimum management of inflation pressure not only ensure a better performance of tires from the point of view of techniques, mechanics and economy but also substantially reduce their impact from the agricultural point of view. The industry puts on the market an extremely wide range of tires for all work requirements

Combine harvesters: innovation for a sustainable harvest

Bringing together hourly productivity and quality threshing is still one of the main objectives of manufacturers and the need to make harvesting more and more sustainable at the agronomic level has opened onto a significant technical evolution also for the management of crop residues and soil compaction

ISOBUS, when "communication" is base on innovation

The standardized ISOBUS communication protocol enables the greater automation of machinery control to the benefit of production, the environment and the safety of the operator while simplifying management operations and data gathering

New horizons: electronics, variable sowing density

Precision sowing shows significant advantages in agronomic efficiency and the use of productive factors, while soil mapping helps adjust crop operations to specific conditions in individual plots, also using the same sensors to read soil data

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