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Plugfest 2022, the "red thread" with EIMA Digital

From October 17 to 21, the 2022 edition of Plugfest was held in Bologna. The event, organized by AEF to promote the compatibility of electronic and electrical systems between agricultural machinery, creates a link with EIMA Digital - the electronics show - and anticipated some of its central themes

AEF: new app to check ISOBUS compatibility

An application was presented during EIMA 2021 that allows agricultural equipment dealers, manufacturers and farmers to check the compatibility of equipment produced by various brands with the ISOBUS protocol
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Agriculture 4.0, ten years of AEF activity

The event promoted by the body representing companies and associations operating in the digital systems sector for agriculture was held in Bologna. The programme of technical meetings was very busy, as were the celebrations of the AEF ten-year anniversary, which offered an opportunity to draw some conclusions about the work done until now and for a look to the future, which is shaping up to be very stimulating and demanding

EIMA digital, a 4.0 agriculture showcase

Among the new features slated for the 2018 edition of the agricultural mechanics exposition is a Digital area dedicated to electronic technologies and IT for the management and control of machinery. Thirty-five specialized industries will exhibit their wares in this section with a range of products from GPS systems on to ISOBUS devices as well as drone flights and software for elaborating data transmitted by satellites and sensors

AEF Plugfest, between history and the future

This year Plugfest will celebrate its tenth anniversary in Bologna, the event is dedicated to ISOBUS and to digital technologies for agriculture. Born from the initiative of a group of engineers, Plugfest has become over the years a highly technical event, a benchmark for the activities of networking and protocol and operating systems integration developed by several companies that produce new generation electronic technologies

Agriculture, the future is digital

The technical agenda of AEF, the association that gathers and coordinates researchers and activities in the field of digital agriculture and Isobus systems and precision technologies, has become increasingly widespread. AEF's President, Peter Van der Vlugt, interviewed by Mondo Macchina, highlights the wide range of activities, and the need to standardize the operating systems realized by the companies working in the area, in order to optimize their use and develop the market
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AEF, a task force for agriculture 4.0

The complex world of ISOBUS technology, and the activities promoted by the working groups established within the AEF, told Norbert Schlingmann, general manager of this international association, working closely with CEMA and FederUnacoma

ISOBUS, the prodigious invisible features of agricultural mechanization

New IT systems mounted on tractors and farm implements enable perfect management and control of all work phases. Agricultural mechanics experts and IT specialists had a meeting at the AEF Plugfest in Bologna to make systems more compatible and ensure the connectability of machinery manufactured by various industries

ISOBUS, innovation and safety for implements

FederUnacoma staged a training seminar in Bologna focused on the new frontiers of information technology applied to agricultural machinery and equipment. The ISOBUS system has become a fundamental factor in agricultural mechanical engineering innovations and figures heavily in competition among manufacturers in the sector. Substantial investments are made in research for the development of further uses of the system

ISOBUS certification for new Argo Tractors electronic control units

Tractor ECU (electronic control units) developed by Argo Tractors have come through testing in the Reggio Emilia Innovation laboratories, qualified for the certification of ISOBUS (international Standard ISO 11783), for ISOBUS certification by AEF, the  Agricultural Industry Electronics Foundation. This...

Kverneland: high productivity with the new Optima HD precision drill

The V model is built with a hydraulic variable telescopic frame and a sturdy PTO hitch in tubular steel hitch with a rounded profile. The TF Profi precision drill features compatibility with various types of seeds to provide the options of convention operations or seeding on crop residues
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AEF ISOBUS, a step towards the future

The Agricultural Industry Electronics Foundation AEF staged a Test Matrix of ISOBUS protocol covering the three of the Plugfest held October 21-24 in Senlis, France for a concrete verification of the progress of these applications. Manufacturers of devices based on ISO 11783 and the guidelines laid down by AEF can connect their various devices to verify their correction functioning. Numerous activities with the participation of Italian companies and the REI, Reggio Emilia Innovation, which represents the official test institute for Italy

ISOBUS, when "communication" is base on innovation

The standardized ISOBUS communication protocol enables the greater automation of machinery control to the benefit of production, the environment and the safety of the operator while simplifying management operations and data gathering

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