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Kverneland: high productivity with the new Optima HD precision drill

The V model is built with a hydraulic variable telescopic frame and a sturdy PTO hitch in tubular steel hitch with a rounded profile. The TF Profi precision drill features compatibility with various types of seeds to provide the options of convention operations or seeding on crop residues

by Giovanni M. Losavio
October - November 2014 | Back

The Kverneland Group is unveiling the Optima HD-V, one of the leading models in the Kverneland Accord range now coming out with a hydraulic variable telescopic frame for maximum flexibility for various row widths from the minimum of 37.5 cm to the maximum of 80 cm. Also new for Kverneland Optima HD-V are a robust tubular steel three-point hitch with a rounded profile highly resistant to wear and an aesthetic design in addition to an innovative ISOBUS compatible electric transmission which allows the operator to manage the precision drill’s functions directly from the cab with the IsoMatch Tellus control terminal. The fertilizer hopper profile has been totally redesigned from scratch and is mounted directly on the headstock with the point of gravity is as close as possible to the tractor to reduce the required hydraulic lifting power and tractor bounce. The standard capacity is 1100 liters but can be enlarged for special applications. Another great feature of the Optima HD-V is the vacuum air system designed with the focus on a constant and smooth metering to achieve optimum distribution. The machine is also equipped with an intermediate press wheel in stainless steel which can be disactivated in the case of excessive humidity. The Kverneland precision drill coming to the Bologna exposition is the 8 row model which is flanked by the 6 and 7 row versions also available. In the same Optima HD category, putting in its first appearance in Italy at EIMA International is the 8 row TF Profi version with telescopic tiller and integrated fertilizer hopper. This model is compatible with various types of seed, maize, sugar beets, beans, and various modes of operations with 400mm depth control wheels and excellent seed to depth contact to ensure uniform and precise work in conventional seeding as well as under mulch conditions. Moreover, the Optima HD TF Profi is also ideal for precision farming thanks to the GEOcontrol and GEOseed (levels I and II) system whereby each seed element is automatically switched on or off in exactly the right place to avoid overlap, even at night. On the side of versatility, the new Kverneland drill makes it possible to fertilize during seeding with the purpose-built 1340 liter fertilizer hopper and a distribution system run off one of the two transport wheels and plant treatment can be carried out with a microgranulator distributor. The sowing unit for the Optima HD TF Profi was designed by the Scandinavian group for the purpose of cutting work time and maintenance costs. The solution adopted by Kverneland was to attach the seeding disc directly to the sowing unit to rotate together on ball bearings for avoiding overlap and failures as well as to improve the efficiency of work. Three types of terminals are available for monitoring operations: The Focus 2 for e-drive models, Optimum for chain transmission models and the new generation universal IsoMatch Tellus, required for GSP/RTK control, equipped with a Shortcut quick response button which detects possible obstacles and sends an immediate safety warning to the tractor cab. Also for the Italian market Kverneland has studied a telescopic tiller for further facilitating headland operations.



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