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Kverneland: an international press event

by Giampiero Moncada
July - August - September 2022 | Back

Back in attendance at last, Kverneland Group wanted to show the progress of its operations and the latest Kverneland and Vicon innovations to the international press, choosing Italy as the location.

A large group of journalists from all over the world was able to visit the two production sites that the group owns in Italy: the Kverneland plant in Ravenna and that of ROC, a historic company in Rimini owned by 80% by Kverneland Group for about a year now.

The event, which took place in early summer, was attended by the top management of the Kverneland Group, which was acquired by the Japanese giant Kubota 10 years ago. The CEO of Kverneland Group, Yasukazu Kamada, presented an overview of how business has been going in recent years and a picture of the current financial profile worldwide.

Getting into the specifics of the activities in Europe, where the group has as many as 2,620 employees in eight different countries, the short- and medium-term objectives were outlined.

In the next few years, the company for both divisions (arable and harvesting) will be committed to developing machinery in line with the objectives of the European Union: to increase agricultural productivity, in view of the increase in world population, and to direct research towards equipment that responds to the need for precision and sustainability

Already now, the round baler models in production adopt the TIM (Tractor Implement Management) protocol, which will be progressively extended to other types of equipment.

The choices are aimed precisely at facilitating precision farming practices in order to minimise the impact of the various activities on the soil and the surrounding environment; from sowing to spreading pesticides and harvesting operations while maintaining comfort and safety for the operator.

The machines at work were shown during this day's field demonstrations at the Vittoria farm in Portomaggiore. Thanks to these technologies, they manage to considerably reduce the amount of seed needed and the dispersion of herbicides and fertilisers.

Among others, the new exclusive technology, Pudama, installed on the Optima SX precision seed drill, was seen at work: thanks to this system, fertiliser is distributed only at the seed and not over the entire row.

According to tests carried out by the manufacturer on 300 hectares of sown maize, with the Pudama system on the Optima SX model it is possible to reduce the cost of fertiliser by more than EUR 7,850.

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