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Gentle processing with ROC continuous mergers

The ROC company from Romagna (based in Camerano, near Rimini) has always been associated with the design and manufacture of continuous mergers, the RT models. Compared to other haymaking technologies, our machines do not drag the crop across the ground,...

Roc merger, multifunctional and efficient

Roc, the Romagna manufacturer located in Camerano Poggio Torriana near Rimini is arriving to their EIMA International stand to present their RT range of continuous mergers. First of all is the RT 730 is built in two elements and equipped...

Roc series:in evidence continuous mergers

Also in the 2018 edition of EIMA, the Roc’s innovative continuous mergers stand among the key players of the Show. The producer’s headquarters are in Romagna, in Camerano Poggio Torriana, the Rimini area. In Casalina di Deruta, visitors to the...

ROC RT630 merger for sensitive products

The RT 630 is a continuous merger built by the Rimini manufacturer ROC with two elements with variable work widths from 5 to 6.3 meters regulated by a double hydraulic rocker arm system for changing the distance between the two...

High quality forage using Roc belt mergers

Roc in the Province of Rimini is a brand name closely associated with belt mergers. Unlike traditional rakes which drag the crop on the ground to the window, the Roc mergers pick-up lifts the crop gently to a conveyer belt for transport and central or lateral deposit without any damage

RT 700, the versatile plot windrowing from Roc

The ROC RT 700 Continuous Merger has a work width of 7 meters as for all the machines from ROC in Rimini which feature an innovative belt windrowing system. The main difference between this system and those of traditional mergers...

ROC: Delicate Handling for Quality Forage

The quest for improved forage quality takes another step ahead at Agritechnica 2013 with the new belt-based windrowers developed by ROC, a leading company in this field from the hinterland near Rimini.Traditional machines use combs or star wheels to drag...

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