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Roc series:in evidence continuous mergers

by Giacomo Di Paola
July - August - September 2018 | Back

Also in the 2018 edition of EIMA, the Roc’s innovative continuous mergers stand among the key players of the Show. The producer’s headquarters are in Romagna, in Camerano Poggio Torriana, the Rimini area. In Casalina di Deruta, visitors to the fair could watch the RT 730 model working. The merger is made of 2 elements and has a double hydraulic rocker arm system to vary the distance between the two pickups for a work width ranging from 5.95 to 7.3 meters.  When the pickups are connected, the continuous merger can download the product on one side (right or left), or one belt on the right and the other on the left. When the pickups are separated, RT 730 can build a windrow in the middle, or on both sides, or in the middle and on the left, or in the middle and on the right. Road transport does not cause any problem because - says the manufacturer with a technical note - the application can be folded on itself until it reaches a width of 2.5 meters, therefore consistent with the strictest road regulations. In Casalina di Deruta, the Rimini producer has also deployed the RT 870 model, which has the same functioning and the same strengths as the RT 730 model (which are common to the entire range) - less hay fever, lower product losses, less damage to the regrowth, sensible reduction of the damp areas under the windrow, more intensive work cycles - but from which it stands out for a more generous working width, which reaches 8.7 meters. In addition, in this case, the closing device (up to a size of 2.5 meters) enables the application to travel safely on the road. Moreover, the RT 870 model has the advantage of lifting the product in the central part and of loading it over the one picked up by the side pickups, as the collection speed between the central and the side pickups is different.  In such a way, greater uniformity of ventilation in the windrow is obtained.

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