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ROC's RT 1150, the "alternative" windrower

by the editorial staff
October 2021 | Back

It is named RT 1150, the ROC windrower that stands as a machine ready to revolutionize the concept of raking. The RT 1150, in fact, has a distinctive feature, which is the harvesting system: Unlike conventional rakes, which drag the crop across the field to the swath, the RT 1150 loads it and then carries it on a windrower belt and unloads it on the ground. This results in several benefits, mainly due to lower product loss and better hay quality. Depending on the needs, it can make a lateral swath or on both sides.

According to the manufacturer, in addition to those already mentioned, there are also other benefits offered by the RT 1150 that can be summarized as follows: it does not pick up stones and soil, resulting in a cleaner, protein-rich product. Moreover, it does not damage the regrowth and allows to eliminate wet areas under the windrow; it is also possible to make windrows in areas where the product has already been harvested. To give a practical example, two of the three belts can be directed in one direction and the third in the opposite direction.

The RT 1150 can make two to five passes without losing product and form a single windrow every 50 meters. Furthermore, it makes it possible to treat delicate products such as alfalfa in broad daylight, thus avoiding night work. Finally, RT 1150 increases the operations' efficiency and reduces the machinery's consumption that will pass later, such as baler and mulcher. ROC RT 1150 is made up of three units, has a working width of 11.5 meters and is foldable for road transport at 3 meters.


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