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RT 730, the smart windrower from ROC

ROC will be bringing to EIMA International the RT 730 windrower, consisting of 2 elements and with a variable working width ranging from 5.95 metre to 7.30 metre thanks to a double hydraulic balance system that allows the distance between...

ROC's RT 1150, the "alternative" windrower

It is named RT 1150, the ROC windrower that stands as a machine ready to revolutionize the concept of raking. The RT 1150, in fact, has a distinctive feature, which is the harvesting system: Unlike conventional rakes, which drag the...

LINER windrowers, agile and robust

The range of LINER windrowers made by Claas comprises four categories of machines. The compact single-rotor models have a working width of 3.2 to 4.8 metres and can be identified by the designations from 320 to 500. In the segment...

High performance for Maschio Gaspardo haymaking machines

In its full-line dedicated to haymaking, Maschio Gaspardo offers a range of high performance tedders and windrowers. Elia Pro is a machine specialised in the spreading of forage, specifically designed at the Cremona headquarters to perform, in the most diverse...

Innovative equipment for forage handling

Windrowing and swathing are probably the haymaking most important steps to get a good quality product. Windrowers can be classified into four categories according to their working components and their ways of working. To begin with the "star wheels", to get to the "rotary rakes", the "belt windrowing system", and the "comb" windrowers, the industry provides a wide range of solutions to suit different business needs

ROC: Delicate Handling for Quality Forage

The quest for improved forage quality takes another step ahead at Agritechnica 2013 with the new belt-based windrowers developed by ROC, a leading company in this field from the hinterland near Rimini.Traditional machines use combs or star wheels to drag...

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