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Rationalizing agricultural inputs to improve sustainability

The use of machinery and agricultural inputs inevitably impacts the environment. A study in the red meat production chain shows that, with limited cultivation and machinery-use-related adjustments, tangible benefits can be achieved

Trench or silo bags: two silage options

The different silage solutions meet the different technical and economic requirements of the companies. A point to consider regarding the silage system concerns possible product losses, which are also linked to environmental sustainability

Semi-hayed forage wrappers

Compared to traditional haymaking, the wrapping of semi-wilted forage bales effectively creates mini-silos, with several advantages regarding the quantity and quality of the product. The wrapping machines on the market today offer various alternatives for carrying out this routine, including the simultaneous packing and wrapping, in many cases with a high degree of automation

Mechanical technologies for preservation of forage

Placing the forage in the silo is an apparently simple task, but it must be done taking into account a few precautions, better still using dedicated equipment, in order to ensure the best conservation of the product

Innovative equipment for forage handling

Windrowing and swathing are probably the haymaking most important steps to get a good quality product. Windrowers can be classified into four categories according to their working components and their ways of working. To begin with the "star wheels", to get to the "rotary rakes", the "belt windrowing system", and the "comb" windrowers, the industry provides a wide range of solutions to suit different business needs

Clim.Air.50, modular technologies for high quality forage

Clim.Air.50 is a company operating internationally, specializing in the production of forage dryers based on forty years of experience in this technology thanks to which the Italian manufacturer has created a range of machines with advanced technology and high performance....

Edum S PROF: a new professional range for producers of high quality forage

The 2014 season, characterized in most of the European continent by a higher than average rainfall, put a strain on forage producers, who ran the serious risk of seeing their harvest compromised, and they performed well below their expectations. In...

Productivity and safety with the John Deere 8000 Series forage harvesters

The American business launches the John Deere PowerTech PSX Stage IV engines, with longitudinal configuration, that provide better rear visibility, as well as increased security during the maneuvers. They are also appreciated for their low fuel consumption and the harvester's lower ride height

ROC: Delicate Handling for Quality Forage

The quest for improved forage quality takes another step ahead at Agritechnica 2013 with the new belt-based windrowers developed by ROC, a leading company in this field from the hinterland near Rimini.Traditional machines use combs or star wheels to drag...

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