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Semi-hayed forage wrappers

Compared to traditional haymaking, the wrapping of semi-wilted forage bales effectively creates mini-silos, with several advantages regarding the quantity and quality of the product. The wrapping machines on the market today offer various alternatives for carrying out this routine, including the simultaneous packing and wrapping, in many cases with a high degree of automation

76 Industrial Graphics Evolution, the winning look

The presence of a production sector related to graphics and design applied to agricultural machinery at EIMA International is absolutely crucial. This is in fact one of the most lively and creative sectors, the dynamism of which can be explained...

Wrapping, the new frontier of decoration

Wrapping is the complete or partial decoration of a vehicle or bodywork, generally applied to cars, buses or subway carriages. It can be achieved simply by painting the surface of the vehicle, but the current standard involves the application of...

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