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ROC: Delicate Handling for Quality Forage

by Fabrizio Sereni
october/november 2013 | Back

The quest for improved forage quality takes another step ahead at Agritechnica 2013 with the new belt-based windrowers developed by ROC, a leading company in this field from the hinterland near Rimini.

Traditional machines use combs or star wheels to drag forage into the windrow. ROC's machine loads it onto a conveyor belt, which then deposits in the right place to form a soft swathe, without damage and also ensuring maximum uniformity in drying.

The ROC catalogue has five models for farms of all kinds, whether big or small. The RT 1220 and 1000 cover a working front of twelve and ten meters respectively, and are what you need for the biggest fields. They need 110 and 90 HP in power.

As the serial numbers suggest, the RT 870 and 700 work on fronts of 8.7 and 7 meters, requiring a power of 80 and 140 HP. They are the models for medium sized surfaces.

The RT 700 is making its first public appearance at Agritechnica. Unlike the others in the range, it is mounted rather than towed, and can be folded down to only 2.5 meters for highway transport.

The smallest in the range is the RT 380, working on a front of 3.8 meters and requiring 60 HP in power.

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