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RT 730, the smart windrower from ROC

by Federico Valentini
October - November 2022 | Back

ROC will be bringing to EIMA International the RT 730 windrower, consisting of 2 elements and with a variable working width ranging from 5.95 metre to 7.30 metre thanks to a double hydraulic balance system that allows the distance between the two pick-ups to be varied. With the pick-ups attached it can unload one belt to the right and one to the left or both to the right or left, while with the pick-ups extended it can create a swath in the centre, or on both sides, or in the centre and left or in the centre and right. The rake can be folded for road transport to a width of 2.50 metre. The main difference to traditional raking is the harvesting system: the RT 730 loads the crop and then transports it onto a windrower belt, whereas normal rakes drag the crop across the field to the windrow. This difference leads to less flaking of the hay, less product loss and more quality, as after drying in the sun, the small stalks of the alfalfa, which support the leaves, become extremely brittle. With the RT 730 windrower, the crop is moved on a belt and not dragged along the ground as is the case with conventional systems. Another advantage of the machine is the elimination of wet areas under the windrow: the RT 730 is designed to have a 6 metre pick-up front formed by two pick-ups that completely pick up and lift the entire crop and then unload it laterally into the already cleaned area, allowing faster and more uniform drying. The RT 730 is equipped with a suspension system on the rear wheels: once closed (without the need to dismantle anything) it remains within the 2.50 metre width, 3.40 metre height, and does not exceed 4.70 metres in length. This allows for unrestricted travelling without normally needing a permit.

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