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Clim.Air.50, modular technologies for high quality forage

by Fabrizio Sereni
October - November 2016 | Back

Clim.Air.50 is a company operating internationally, specializing in the production of forage dryers based on forty years of experience in this technology thanks to which the Italian manufacturer has created a range of machines with advanced technology and high performance. A technical communique issued by the company reported that for producers of forage and livestock raisers, Clim.Air.50 brand models can ensure up to two more cuts using low-cost energy sources in special environmental conditions in which other technologies and silage cannot be used or produce unsatisfactory results. On the other hand, Clim.Air.50 applications ensure the great advantage of an excellent drying process without problems of silage techniques for obtaining more digestible fiber and vegetable protein in animal feed with a higher nutrition content. Moreover, customers purchasing the Padua manufacturer’s products have the option to gradually update and expand their dryer plants thanks to the modular construction of the Clim.Air.50 machines and the latest generation technologies used for components allowing them to be readapted with the addition of a single part, even for a plant in operation for more than ten years. In substance, the raw materials for farming always depend on factors outside the primary sector and result in the variation of agricultural prices so local self-production of high quality forage is an instrument for the defense of agricultural income.  

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