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Clim.Air.50, high performance hay dryers

Clim.Air.50, with a specialty in the manufacture of round bale and square bale hay dryers and loose hay, has been active on the French market and now operates globally with plants in four continents and has further consolidated its standing...

Clim.Air.50, modular technologies for high quality forage

Clim.Air.50 is a company operating internationally, specializing in the production of forage dryers based on forty years of experience in this technology thanks to which the Italian manufacturer has created a range of machines with advanced technology and high performance....

The winning qualities of Edmu dryers

The machines for drying forage developed by Clim Air 50 of San Giustina in Colle (Padua), company specializing for over twenty years in air conditioning systems and biomass boilers, are getting ready to play a leading role at Agritechinca. All...

Edum S PROF: a new professional range for producers of high quality forage

The 2014 season, characterized in most of the European continent by a higher than average rainfall, put a strain on forage producers, who ran the serious risk of seeing their harvest compromised, and they performed well below their expectations. In...

Clim Air 50 drayers: a clean cut in fuel costs

At the stand of Clim Air 50 - a company from Santa Giustina in Colle (Padua) that has been operating for more than 22 years in the hay drying machine and biomass heater sector - the focus is on the...

ClimAir50: technologies applied to cereals and forage dryers

With the arrival of the THB model ClimAir50 has extended their range of hot air woodchip heat generators for drying loose hay and cereals to exceed the megawatts of thermal power generated. The solution the company in San Giustina in...

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